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Top 50 exporters of Pakistan in 2020

Wali Zahid
Nov 23, 2020
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Top 50 exporters of Pakistan in 2020
List of top 50 exporters of Pakistan FY 2020 with exports amounts in US dollar. You can download list of top 100 exporters.

Who are the biggest 100 exporters from Pakistan in 2020?

Check this exporters list from Pakistan and their exports worth in USD in FY 2020 in a downloadable format.

These are the top names that produce and export items - like textiles and rice - Pakistan is known for, and bring critical foreign exchange Pakistan needs to meet its fuel and other import needs.

The ranking is based on State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) export earnings.

Top 100 exporters from Pakistan

1.     Style Textile (Private) Ltd

2.     Nishat Mills Limited

3.     Artistic Milliners (Private) Limited

4.     Soorty Enterprises (Private) Limited

5.     Yunus Textile Mills Limited

6.     Interloop Limited

7.     Novatex Limited

8.     Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited

9.     Feroze1888 Mills Limited

10.   U S Apparel & Textiles (Private) Limited

11.   Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (Private) Limited

12.   Al-Karam Textile Mills (Private) Limited

13.   Liberty Mills Limited

14.   Denim Clothing Company

15.   Masood Textile Mills Limited

16.   United Energy Pakistan Limited

17.   Lucky Textile Mills Limited

18.   Garibsons (Private) Limited

19.   Sadaqat Limited

20.   Nishat (Chunian) Limited

21.   Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited

22.   Sapphire Textile Mills Limited

23.   Rajby Industries

24.   Indus Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Limited

25.   Sapphire Fibres Limited

26.   Riaz Textile Mills (Private) Limited

27.   Azgard Nine Limited

28.   Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Board

29.   Gohar Textile Mills (Private) Limited

30.   Klash (Private) Limited

31.   Kamal Limited

32.   Diamond Fabrics Limited

33.   Crescent Bahuman Limited

34.   Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (Private) Limited

35.   Master Textile Mills Limited

36.   Hassan Ali Rice Export Company

37.   United Towel Exporters Private Limited

38.   Meskay And Femtee (Private) Limited

39.   Kohinoor Mills Limited

40.   Faisal Spinning Mills Limited

41.   W S Metal Trading

42.   Naveena Exports Limited

43.   MCC Huaye Duddar Mining Company (Pvt) Limited

44.   Al-Karam Towel Industries (Pvt) Limited

45.   Attock Cement Pakistan Limited

46.   Service Industries Ltd

47.   National Refinery Limited

48.   Akhtar Textile Industries (Private)Limited

49.   Tazij Meats & Food

50.   Mahmood Textile Mills Limited

51.   Combined Fabrics (Private) Limited

52.   K K Rice Mills (Private) Limited

53.   International Steels Limited

54.   Getz Pharma (Private) Limited

55.   Roomi Fabrics Limited

56.   Arshad Corporation (Private) Limited

57.   Mustaqim Dyeing Printing Industries (Private) Limited

58.   D G Khan Cement Company Limited

59.   International Textiles Limited

60.   Fazal Cloth Mills Limited

61.   Reliance Weaving Mills Limited

62.   Beacon Impex (Pvt) Limited

63.   Masood Fabrics Limited

64.   M K Sons (Pvt) Limited

65.   Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited

66.   Matco Foods Limited

67.   Hasan Corporation

68.   Ali Murtaza Associates (Private) Limited

69.   Siddiqsons Limited

70.   The Crescent Textile Mills Limited

71.   Shahmurad Sugar Mills Limited

72.   Cotton Web Limited

73.   Lucky Cement Limited

74.   Al Rahim Trading Co Pvt Ltd

75.   Shahzad Enterprises

76.   Proline (Private) Limited

77.   M N Textiles (Private) Limited

78.   Artistic Denim Mills Limited

79.   Irfan Noman Bernas (Private) Limited

80.   Indus Home Limited

81.   Afroze Textiles Industries (Private) Limited

82.   Kassim Textiles (Private) Limited

83.   Kam International

84.   Shafi Glucochem (Pvt) Limited

85.   Haji Muhammad Rice and Processing Mills

86.   Hussain Mills Limited

87.   Challenge Apparels Limited

88.   Pakistan State Oil Company Limited (PSO)

89.   Kings Apparel Industries (Private) Limited

90.   Asif Rice Mills

91.   Sarena Industries and Embroidery Mills (Private) Limited

92.   Stylers International (Private) Limited

93.   Artistic Apparels (Private) Limited

94.   J K Spinning Mills Limited

95.   Eastern Garments (Private) Limited

96.   Union Fabrics (Private) Limited

97.   Amir Rice Traders

98.   Shan Foods (Private) Limited

99.   Blessed Textile Limited

100.  Kamal Textiles Limited

Pakistan has one of the lowest export-to-GDP ratios in the world. It ranks with Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia.
Pakistan has one of the lowest export-to-GDP ratios in the world. It ranks with Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Full exporters list in PDF here.

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