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Top 20 exporters of Pakistan in 2020-21

Wali Zahid
February 19, 2021
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Who are the top 20 exporters from Pakistan in first half of 2020-21?

Who are the top 20 exporters from Pakistan in 2020-21?

First six-monthly results of fiscal 2020-21 are in. Check this exporters list from Pakistan and their exports worth in USD in first half of FY 2020-21.

Top 20 exporters from Pakistan

  1. Style Textile (Private) Ltd
  2. Yunus Textile Mills Limited
  3. Interloop Limited
  4. Artistic Milliners (Private) Limited
  5. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited
  6. Nishat Mills Limited
  7. Soorty Enterprises (Private) Limited
  8. Feroze1888 Mills Limited
  9. Liberty Mills Limited
  10. Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (Private) Limited
  11. Sadaqat Limited
  12. Garibsons (Private) Limited
  13. U S Apparel & Textiles (Private) Limited
  14. Novatex Limited
  15. Al-Karam Textile Mills (Private) Limited
  16. Nishat (Chunian) Limited
  17. Lucky Textile Mills Limited
  18. Masood Textile Mills Limited
  19. Denim Clothing Company
  20. Klash (Private) Limited

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