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Top 50 textile exporters of Pakistan in 2024

Wali Zahid
Jul 6, 2024
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Top 50 textile exporters of Pakistan in 2024
Who are the biggest 50 textile exporters from Pakistan in FY 2024?

Who are the biggest 50 textile exporters from Pakistan in FY 2024?

Explore the latest list of top textile exporters from Pakistan, showcasing their export values in Pakistani rupees and US dollars for FY 2024.

The textile industry remains a cornerstone of Pakistan's economy, driving significant foreign exchange earnings crucial for meeting the nation’s import needs. In FY 2024, Interloop Limited surged to the top, recording an astounding export value of 147 billion PKR. This remarkable achievement underscores their dominance and innovative prowess in the sector.

Style Textile (Pvt) Limited secured the second position with an impressive 135 billion PKR, continuing its streak as a leading exporter. Artistic Milliners (Private) Limited claimed the third spot with exports worth 104 billion PKR, showcasing their consistent quality and global appeal.

Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited and Soorty Enterprises (Private) Limited took fourth and fifth places, with export values of 103 billion PKR and 99 billion PKR, respectively, reflecting their significant contributions to the industry.

Nishat Mills Limited, Feroze1888 Mills Limited, and Yunus Textile Mills Limited captured the sixth, seventh, and eighth positions, respectively, reinforcing their strong market presence.

Artistic Garment Industries (AGI Denim) Pvt Ltd and U.S. Apparel & Textiles (Private) Limited rounded out the top ten, highlighting the competitive landscape of Pakistan's textile export sector.

This ranking is based on the export values in PKR & US$ from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024, providing a comprehensive overview of the industry's leading players and their contributions to the national economy.

List of Top 50 textile exporters of Pakistan in 2024

  1. Interloop Limited
  2. Style Textile (Pvt.) Limited
  3. Artistic Milliners (Private) Limited
  4. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited
  5. Soorty Enterprises (Private) Limited
  6. Nishat Mills Limited
  7. Feroze1888 Mills Limited
  8. Yunus Textile Mills Limited
  9. Artistic Garment Industries (Agi D) Pvt Ltd
  10. U.S Apparel & Textiles (Private) Limited
  11. Liberty Mills Limited
  12. Utopia Industries (Private) Limited
  13. Al Karam Textile Mills (Private) Limited
  14. Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited
  15. Lucky Textile Mills Limited
  16. Klash Pvt Ltd
  17. Masood Textile Mills Limited
  18. Sapphire Textile Mills Limited
  19. Nishat (Chunian) Limited
  20. Faisal Spinning Mills Ltd
  21. Kamal Limited
  22. Riaz Textile Mills (Private) Limited
  23. Diamond Fabrics Limited
  24. Sadaqat Limited
  25. United Towel Exporters Private Limited
  26. Gohar Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd
  27. Al Karam Towel Industries (Pvt) Ltd
  28. Crescent Bahuman Limited
  29. Azgard Nine Limited
  30. Artistic Fabric Mills (Private) Limited
  31. Sapphire Fibres Limited
  32. Al Rahim Textile Industries Limited
  33. Mahmood Textile Mills Limited
  34. J. K. Spinning Mills Limited
  35. Ali Murtaza Associates (Private) Limited
  36. Siddiqsons Limited
  37. Akhtar Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd
  38. Beacon Impex (Private) Limited
  39. Master Textile Mills Limited
  40. Proline (Private) Limited
  41. Sarena Textile Industries (Private) Limited
  42. Rajby Industries
  43. Ahmed Fine Textile Mills Limited
  44. Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited
  45. M.K. Sons (Pvt) Limited
  46. Cotton Web Limited
  47. Afroze Textile Industries Private Limited
  48. Arshad Corporation (Private) Limited
  49. Beletxco Limited
  50. Indus Home Limited

Full list can be downloaded here

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