Institute of Media & Communications (IMC) Pakistan: A brief profile

Institute of Media & Communications (IMC) is a Pakistani think-tank devoted to media issues that concern media in Pakistan and Asian region.

The IMC (then Institute of Mass Communication) was set up as a sole-proprietor firm in 1993 in Islamabad, with office in F-7 Jinnah Super Market. Wali Zahid was its founding Executive Director.

The IMC was featured in Dawn and The News, and had The Muslim as the strategic partner. Orient McCann Erickson supported IMC.

Wali Zahid’s recent media accomplishments

  • Received the 2016 Journalist of the Year Award by Agahi, an affiliate of World Economic Forum (WEF), Switzerland and supported by Australian High Commission in Islamabad
  • Featured by BBC Urdu Service in ‘Who to follow on Social Media’
  • Independence-Day lead articles in The News, Pakistan’s largest-circulation English-language daily on Pakistan of future & Pakistan in 2050
  • 2017 economic and political forecasts published by Express Tribune, the Pakistan affiliate paper of The New York Times
  • Op-Ed pieces in The News and The Nation on Pakistan, SCO, CPEC and China matters
  • Appeared on Dunya News, 92 News HD, Waqt News, BOL TV, PTV News and Business Plus channels on Pakistan, CPEC and BRI
  • China media: During 2017-20, was interviewed or wrote for China Daily, People’s Daily China, Global Times, China Radio International (CRI), CRI English, CRI Online, CRI Urdu, China Pictorial, China-India Dialogue, Beijing

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During the 1993-1998, IMC offered short-term certificate courses (8 to 14 weeks duration) in Islamabad in these areas:

  • Certificate in Journalism
  • Certificate in Advertising
  • Certificate in Public Relations
  • Certificate in Cartooning
  • Certificate in TV Journalism

The students and faculty published a six-monthly journal called The Communicator, which carried student writings.

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Notable IMC alumni

Many of the alumni are now in senior positions in various media outlets. Some of them are:

  • Saman Ansari (then PTV hostess and FM RJ; now appears in TV plays)
  • Naveed Ahmad (Jefferson Fellow, ex The News/Geo, now international correspondent)
  • Ahmed Mukhtar (Bureau Chief, Abb Takk News)
  • Dr Leila Mona Ganiem, Indonesian scholar
  • Fariha Tahir Shah (formerly with Nokia, NCR, Microsoft)
  • Javaid Malik (Brandeis alum, ex DfID)
  • Ahmad Bilal Khan (advertising guru)
  • Rao Javaid (formerly with Oxfam)
  • Kiran Arif Khan

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Notable IMC faculty

A high-powered faculty was arranged to teach these courses. They included big-names like:

  • Syed Talat Hussain (The News then, ex Geo TV)
  • Ziauddin Ahmad (Editor Dawn)
  • Late Anjum Niaz (Dawn)
  • Shujaat Ali (The News cartoonist then; formerly with Al-Jazeera TV)
  • Gulrez Mojiz (Interflow, film maker)
  • Muhammad Malick (Interflow & Dawn then, formerly MD PTV)
  • Tasneem Ahmer (the university faculty at QAU)
  • Absar Alam (The Nation then, now Pemra Chairman)
  • Late Navid Zafar (Director Current Affairs PTV then)
  • Salman Wasay (then Paktel, later Ufone, now Chaaye Khana)
  • Mahmood Hashmi (owner, Orient McCann Erickson)
  • Allauddin Masood (DG Public Relations Pakistan Senate then)
  • Prof Zakariyya Sajid (President Press Institute of Pakistan then, formerly Chairman, Mass Communication Department at Karachi University)
  • Wali Zahid (Executive Director IMC then; President IMC now)

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IMC participation in notable events | 1993-2003 

Along with public-run courses, IMC also organised these high-profile customised invitation-only events:

  • Led on training of civil-service officers of Information Group and GHQ at Information Service Academy | 1994-95
  • Assisted Press Institute of Pakistan’s Legislative Reporting workshop in Islamabad and Lahore, with chief guest Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani, National Assembly Speaker then, Pakistan Prime Minister later | 1994
  • Participated in Pakistan Foreign Office course on Media Diplomacy | 1994
  • In-house training for the editorial staff of The Muslim, Islamabad with Robert S Mellis, ICFJ Knight Fellow, and an editor with The Miami Herald, Florida, USA | 1995
  • Participated in Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) course in Defence Reporting and field visits to the Line of Control and Siachen Glacier | 1997
  • Represented IMC in International Institute for Journalism’s two-month Training of Trainers workshop in Berlin, Germany (1996)
  • Represented IMC in Pearson Peacekeeping Centre’s two-week workshop in Nova Scotia, Canada | 1997
  • Represented IMC in month-long Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution summer school in Schlaining, Austria | 1998
  • Represented IMC in week-long International Security Seminar at GIIS, Geneva, Switzerland | 1998
  • Worked with the Knight Fellow of International Centre for Foreign Journalists (ICFJ) Washington DC | 1995
  • Worked with the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) Singapore | 1995
  • Visited the International Centre for Foreign Journalists Washington DC | 2001
  • Arranged talks and presentations by Deans of British University media programmes in Pakistan, like UWE Bristol | 1995
  • Made a presentation at the University of California at Berkeley’s annual South Asia Conference on government and press relations | 2001
  • Arranged a week-long Train the Trainer for Journalists workshop for PPI and Pakistan Press Foundation’s editors in Karachi | 2001
  • Attended a South Asian Editors Conference on Media Self Regulation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, at the invitation of Commonwealth Press Union (CPU) London | 2002
  • Contributed to Commonwealth Press Union (CPU) London’s book on Imperfect Freedom: The case for self-regulation in the Commonwealth press | 2003

Recent projects | 2006-2020

  • Arranged a two-day Media Management workshop for GrameenPhone Bangladesh’s general managers in Dhaka | 2006
  • Arranged a 10-day Media outreach workshop for Pakistani and Bangladeshi TV anchors and media people and civil society organisations with Search for Common Ground USA (SCG) in Nepal | 2008
  • Arranged a Train the Trainer workshop in Investigative Journalism for Afghan Master Trainers and journalists in Kabul | 2009
  • Produced A Guide in Investigative Journalism for Afghan journalists in Kabul | 2008-09
  • Produced a Trainers’ Manual in Investigative Journalism for Afghan Master Trainers and journalists in Kabul | 2008-09
  • Created fact sheets on CPEC and OBOR and confronted false propaganda on social media | 2015-onwards
  • Made a multimedia presentation on Leveraging social media for the success of CPEC-OBOR at Chinese Embassy Islamabad & China Study Centre’s International CPEC/OBOR conference at Islamabad Marriott | 2016
  • Project Ignorance: How fake news are spread in Pakistan using photoshops and Whatsapp | 2016-onwards
  • Conducted an online survey on Who are top 10 Pakistani TV news anchors? | 2016
  • Represented Pakistan in Think-Tanks Exchanges meeting at first global Belt and Road Forum (BRF) for International Cooperation in Beijing, China, on 14-15 May 2017
  • Was invited by China Radio International (CRI) to visit China’s achievements in technology and culture in May 2018
  • Produced an analysis on Shanghai Cooperation Organisation What is in for Pakistan and India in SCO Qingdao Summit? for China-India Dialogue, Beijing
  • Represented Pakistan at Global Think Tanks Forum (GTTF) in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, in November 2018.
  • Spoke on ‘BRI and new vision of global governance’ at GTTF Chengdu, China, 2018
  • Produced a report on 40 years of China’s economic development reform for China Pictorial in December 2018
  • Represented Pakistan and participated in Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC) in Beijing, China, in May 2019
  • Spoke on ‘Asian wisdom to promote political advancement’ at Forum on Contemporary China and World (FOCCW), Beijing, China, in May 2019
  • Represented Pakistan and participated in Belt and Road Media and Think Tank Exchange in Nanjing, China, in May 2019
  • Spoke on ‘How to enhance media dialogue among civilizations along Belt and Road’ at Nanjing, China, in May 2019
  • Produced a report (Op-Ed) on How China Contained Coronavirus Outbreak for China Pictorial and China Daily, Beijing, in March-April 2020
  • Produced a Daily Update on Coronavirus Outbreak and COVID-19 from 23 January 2020 (number of confirmed cases and deaths) on Twitter and Facebook pages. The updates were featured in Official Twitter news feed on COVID-19.

Future projects on media and social media | 2021-2025

  • Planned ranking of top 10 male and female news and current affairs anchors on Pakistan TV
  • Planned ranking of top 10 columnists in Pakistan print media in English and Urdu language newspapers
  • Planned ranking of top 10 Twitter and Facebook social influencers

Chairman IMC: Prof Zakariyya Sajid

President IMC: Wali Zahid


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Wali Zahid is an award-winning journalist, futurist, disruptor, blogger, social media strategist, reformer, LinkedIn writer and author of iBook, Great Training in 10 Steps.

He runs a #Pakistan2050 hashtag on Twitter and appears on national TV on issues of significance to Pakistan. His claim to fame is this recent piece: Back to the future: Pakistan in 2050. In 2016, he won Journalist of the Year Award by Agahi. 

On, he’s writing a series called How We Messed Up Pakistan.

As CEO of SkillCity, he coaches several Fortune-500 CEOs on leadership.

He’s founder of a global movement for humanizing medical education and practice. Since 1993, he is founder President of Institute of Media & Communications where top journalists taught print and TV media courses.

He can be reached on Twitter @walizahid and on Facebook where he has over 150,000 followers.