Pakistan is among the world’s largest economies by Gross Domestic Product, GDP numbers from the World Bank, released on 21 September 2018 reveal. The above visualisation of world economy is done by HowMuch.

IMF ranks Pakistan as world’s 40th largest economy by GDP.

In 2018, with a population of 208 million, Pakistan’s GDP stands at $305 billion (or, $0.3 trillion), image below.

The bright side of Pakistan economy

Harvard predicts Pakistan GDP to grow by 6% over 10 years

Pakistan’s GDP PPP crosses $1 trillion, ranks 25th in world

Pakistan’s economic future in 11 photos

Pakistan is the world’s fastest-growing Muslim economy: The Economist

Pakistan is now an Emerging Market

Pakistan is world’s 4th fastest growing economy: HSBC

Pakistan included in VARP, the new BRICS

Pakistan at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO): A timeline

Pakistan GDP to grow by 5.5% by 2020: IMF

Pakistan GDP to grow at 5.5% in 2018: World Bank

Pakistan at $300B is world’s 40th largest economy

Worried about Pakistan’s debt? You must see this

It’s the economy, stupid

Globally, Pakistan makes up 0.38% of the world GDP. At $19.39 trillion, USA is Number 1, and at $12.24 trillion, China is Number 2 in the world.

By GDP purchasing-power-parity (PPP), Pakistan is a trillion-dollar economy and ranks as 25th largest economy in the world.

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Top 10 Biggest World Economies by GDP

1. United States – $19.39 trillion

2. China – $12.24 trillion (check our story)

3. Japan – $4.87 trillion

4. Germany – $3.67 trillion

5. UK – $2.62 trillion

6. India – $2.60 trillion

7. France – $2.58 trillion

8. Brazil – $2.05 trillion

9. Italy – $1.93 trillion

10. Canada – $1.65 trillion

Pakistan’s GDP and annual GDP growth in one image. Source: World Data Atlas.

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