What Pakistan exported in 2016. Worth $21 billion.

The World Bank Group today held a round table on achieving export competitiveness for PakistanĀ at Lahore PC. I was one of the delegates. The event was organised by SDPI Islamabad and Ministry of Commerce was represented by a DG.

When the delegates were divided for breakout session, I chose the category of ‘existing exporters’, which had delegates both from large exporters and SMEs. The host thought it appropriate to ask me to moderate the group members’ views and present in the final round. Which I did.

Where did Pakistan export in 2016?

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What Pakistan exported in 2015. Worth $24 billion.

Many delegates did not know the volume of Pakistan exports over the years and how these had been declining. I had been publishing these figures in my other posts, particularly:

Harvard predicts Pakistan GDP to grow by 6% over 10 years

Here are three graphics from Harvard Centre for International Development (CID), summarising type of Pakistan exports and export destinations over past three years (above, centre and below). I have also added export figures from 1967-2015 (bottom).

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Pakistan’s top 10 exporters in 2017-18:

  1. Nishat Mills
  2. Soorty
  3. Artistic Milliners
  4. Style Textile
  5. Gul AhmedĀ Textile
  6. Artistic Fabric
  7. Interloop
  8. Yunus Textiles
  9. US Apparel and Textiles
  10. Masood Textile

You can download the full list of top 100 Pakistani exporters during 2017-18.

Top 100 Pakistani Exporters in 2017-18

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What Pakistan exported in 2014. Worth $26 billion.

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Pakistan Exports, in US dollars 1967-2015. Highest point: Worth $30.7B inĀ 2013.

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