Fasting hours around the world: From 10 hours in Chile to 21 hours in Greenland

Longest: Nuuk, Greenland🇬🇱: 21 hours of fasting, from 2:16am to sunset at 11:14pm in the evening

Shortest: Punta Arenas, Chile🇨🇱: 10 hours, from 6:34am to 4:41pm

Other cities:

Islamabad, Pakistan🇵🇰: 16 hours, from 3:20am to 7:11pm

New Delhi, India🇮🇳: 15 hours, from 3:54am to 7:12pm

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia🇸🇦: 15 hours, from 3:36am to 6:36pm

Photo: Al Jazeera

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This statistic describes the length of fasting for Ramadan for Muslims worldwide during 2017, by selected cities worldwide. On June 21, 2017, Muslims residing in Oslo, Norway will be fasting for a total of 20 hours and 26 minutes, between the times of 2:18 am and 10:44 pm. Source: Statista

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