Pakistan has ranked 11th worst among 118 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2016. With 22 percent of its population undernourished, Pakistan ranks 107 in GHI.

Improving from the previous alarming hunger level in 2008, Pakistan now is ranked on a serious level, scoring 33.4 against 35.1 in the 2008 index.

The GHI is produced by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) USA and Concern Worldwide.


Pakistan has performed worse than Saarc neighbours (rank):

  • 97 India (score 28.5)
  • 90 Bangladesh (score 27.1)

but better than:

  • 111 Afghanistan (score 34.8)

The GHI estimates that Pakistan will not be able to achieve low hunger level even by 2030.

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The GHI is calculated for 118 countries on four indicators:

  1. the percentage of the population that is undernourished
  2. the percentage of children under age five who suffer from wasting (low weight for height)
  3. the percentage of children under age five who suffer from stunting (low height for age)
  4. the percentage of children who die before the age of five (child mortality)

Scores of 9.9 or lower denote low hunger; scores between 35.0 and 49.9 denote alarming hunger.

This year no countries hit the threshold of 50, which signifies extremely alarming hunger levels.

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Pakistan’s progress on GHI since 2000 has not been considerable.

Progress in reducing hunger

  • 29 percent Decrease in GHI scores across the developing world since 2000
  • No countries in the “extremely alarming” category for second year in a row
  • The 2016 GHI score for the developing world is 21.3, which is still considered “serious.”
  • 22 countries have reduced their GHI scores by 50 percent or more since 2000
  • 70 countries have reduced their GHI scores by 25 percent-49.9 percent since 2000

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Not reaching zero hunger

  • The current rate of reducing hunger will leave South Asia and Africa south of the Sahara with GHI scores near the divide between “moderate and serious” hunger—falling far short of the goal to reach Zero Hunger by 2030.
  • Conservative projections find more than 45 countries – including India, Pakistan, Haiti, Yemen and Afghanistan – will not even reach “low” hunger levels by 2030.


South Asia and Sub Sahara Africa need more attention

Persistent high hunger scores

  • Despite the progress made, levels of hunger remain “serious” or “alarming” in 50 of the 118 countries with GHI scores.
  • Africa South of the Sahara and South Asia have the highest levels of hunger, at 30.1 and 29.0, respectively
  • 20 countries have populations in which at least one quarter of the population is undernourished
  • Highest scores in the report
    • Central African Republic – 46.1
    • Chad – 44.3
    • Zambia – 39.0
    • Haiti – 36.9
    • Madagascar – 35.4
    • Yemen – 35.0

You can download the full GHI 2016 report here.

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