Do you know that overseas Pakistanis can now get their Pakistani passport renewed online and delivered to their home address?

Nadra, the Ministry of Interior’s authority for passports and immigration, has released an Immigration and Passport e-Services Portal for overseas Pakistanis.

According to the website, e-Services Portal is the front door to Directorate General of Immigration and Passports (DGI&P) for online service for Pakistani citizens around the world.

Currently, this service is not available to Pakistani citizens in-country.

You can apply for passport renewal here.

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You can use e-Services Portal to apply for renewal of your Machine Readable Passport (MRP), if your passport has expired OR its validity is less than 7 months.

Currently, this service is only available for passport renewal for overseas Pakistanis, and not for issuance of new passports.

You will be asked to create an account with Nadra, and on email and pin verification, you can use it for portal services.

Once in the portal, you can use the services you want. Image below.

Requirements for renewal of passport

Before applying please have the following ready:

Passport priority: The online service is available for both normal and urgent passports.

Passport validity: You can renew your passport for five or ten years.

Number of passport pages required: You can get your passport in 36, 72 or 100 pages.

Online payment: You can pay online through credit or debit card. The fee will include service charge and delivery charge in addition to passport renewal fee.

Pakistani passport renewal online application process is likely to take about 20 minutes. Detail here:


DGI&P has a NO REFUND POLICY against any application initiated/submitted for issuance of machine readable passport (MRP).

Currently the home delivery option is only available for limited number of countries.

You can track the status of your online application as well.

Pakistani passport renewal portal website address here:

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  • Shahid

    which countries have home delivery service for renewed passport.

    • Wali Zahid

      55 countries. You need to login to see the list of countries in drop-down menu.

  • Musa

    Have any idea how long it takes to get the passport using e-services portal and also any issues reported by users on this service.