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CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) projects are being completed at a fast, or breakneck, speed (being fondly called Punjab Speed or Sahiwal Speed in China), with all political and military stakeholders being brought on board, in-country roadblocks being removed, official red-tape being fought and scale of construction being achieved.

Forty early-harvest projects will be seeing completion one after the other by 2018.

To see CPEC timeline of significant developments as and when these happen, follow our lead story:

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Or if you prefer, here’s a live Twitter feed by a Chinese Embassy official on the pictorial progress of various projects.

BREAKING: Following an unusual series of tweets earlier this week, Zhao Lijian, Deputy Chief of Mission at Chinese Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, returned to Twitter today with a series of tweets on the progress of various projects in CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor).

Zhao’s tweets are a preemptive measure of containing uncertainty and misinformation being hurled at CPEC in print, broadcast and social media.

The tweets are also a message to various stakeholders that China is a serious business.

On two occasions, Chinese Embassy issued a press release conveying that CPEC is for the benefit of the whole country and that its progress needs not to be jeopardised.

On both occasions, the message was regarding the Western route of CPEC.

One press release was as recent as this week where a remark attributed to Chinese ambassador Sun Weidong telling KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khattak that the Western route was not included in CPEC was termed as “untrue and misinformation.”

Leveraging social media for CPEC & OBOR: A keynote by Wali at a CPEC seminar

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Zhao quotes various local media reports to give a big-picture view of the progress on each project. He also uses reports from international trade blogs and company newsletters.

Here are Zhao Lijian’s tweets:

Port Qasim coal-fired power plant: CPEC’s first project witnesses emphatic progress on ground


Source: Pakistan Today | By Mian Abrar

Sahiwal coal fired power plant to become the first CPEC project to be completed


Source: Pakistan Today | By Mian Abrar

In two more tweets, Zhao quotes The News report headlined: ‘Sahiwal coal power project to complete in 2017: CM’ and his own tweet headlined: ‘Sahiwal speed is terrific’: 70% work is done at Sahiwal coal power plant under CPEC. It’s one of the fastest even by China standards.

50MW Dawood wind power plant under construction in Sindh under CPEC. This will be operational in August-November this year.


50MW Metro wind power plant under construction at Jhimpir, Thatta District, Sindh


PM performs groundbreaking of M-5 Sukkur-Multan Motorway

Source: Express Tribune

PM inaugurates Havelian-Thakot Motorway in Mansehra. KKH Phase II will be a new route.

Source: Dawn

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PM inaugurates CPEC projects in Gwadar

Source: Dawn

Sindh Engro Thar coal project inaugurated


Also: Thar coal project achieves financial close | The News

Karot in Pakistan to be first hydropower project financed by China’s Silk Road Fund


Source: hydroworld.com | By 

Zonergy plugs in 300MW solar park in Pakistan


Source: renewables.seenews.com | by

Pakistan PM inaugurates fibre-optic cable project


Source: globaltelecomsbusiness.com

In a summary tweet above, Zhao mentions that 16 projects are under construction or have been completed and that $14 billion have already been invested.

As a China watcher for nearly 30 years, Wali’s comment:

Make no mistake: China is no USA.

The hyper-speed with which China is reshaping the world through its $225-billion OBOR Initiative and soon-to-be 90-member $100-billion AIIB and extending its trade and influence to all parts of Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa is unprecedented. This vision requires that no roadblocks come in China’s way. It’s as simple.

And China knows how to play hardball. With each stakeholder in each country.

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25 Sept: A Chinese ship named Tianfu is docking at Gwadar.


23 Oct: First project completed under CPEC. Chinese firm COPHC distributes books to students in Pak-China School Gwadar.


28 Oct: Chinese firm XCMG, the 5th largest construction machinery company in the world, launches its branch office in Islamabad.

28 Oct: Another Chinese ship arrives at Gwadar carrying 20,000 tons of construction materials including trucks, bulldozers, dumpers for Gwadar Free Zone.


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  • Daya Giri

    CPEC is a proven part of the revival of silk route.
    Ancient Silk route was the main lifeline for the all associated countries.
    So it’s not a new thing …..just a revival, a true intention and leadership is required to revitalize it.

  • Khurram

    We’ll that was a good report or completed and ongoing projects I also wanted to quote that worlds biggest solar power project in Bahawalpur Punjab has been completed !! I hope that cpec will continue to complete all the projects in balochistan, Sindh , kpk , Punjab and azk and Gilgit at a rapid fast speed and this will end our days of energy crisis and will help us to build a Ritter economy till 2020 may ALLAH help us Pakistan zindabaad !


    Hope n pray, no any conspiracy could jeopardize the CPEC future. Like to see Pakistan as the savior of the the muslim world and the humanity at large.