If you only had 60 seconds and you wanted to know the list of 40 projects under CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), we have prepared these four graphics for you.

Each graphic (high-resolution) deals with CPEC projects in one province, so you can share this with folks interested in that province’s share.

You can read the post about the why of this list here.

Leveraging social media for CPEC & OBOR: A keynote by Wali at a CPEC seminar

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has eight (8) CPEC projects.


Sindh has 13 CPEC projects.

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punjab-cpec Punjab has 12 CPEC projects.


Balochistan has 16 CPEC projects.

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  • Khorhae Marwat

    Western route of CPEC is urgently needed for Armed Force due to security and strategic importance. Because Western route will not only bring economic prosperity to the war torn areas like Waziristan, but will also be a great help in ongoing war on terror. Most of Army troops are deployed in tribal regions for past 15 years. Troops has suffered a lot due to weak communication lines with tribal belt especially Waziristan. They remain for extended period in hard area and hostile environment and face lot difficulties while visiting their families. Western route of CPEC will not help quick deployment and ease movement of Personnel at lower level.

    Most importantly Pakistan needs a well-developed infrastructure and lines of communication on the western side of the Indus. During 65 war, Pakistan roads and railway lines east of the Indus were under threat. It become more important and vital against Indian Cold War Doctrine and surgical strikes. It is dangerous and foolish to put all eggs in a single basket on the eastern side of the Indus.

    However Western route has been compromised and diverted in order accommodate Ch Nisar home area Chakri/Pindi Geb. Hence western CPEC route (including remaining) will avoid completely Pashtun belt by just touching Dera Ismail Khan and then exit to Punjab through Yarak (Dera Ismail Khan) N55 to Hakla (Islamabad) M1. Western route will also be east of Indus River from Chasma and resultantly all 3 CPEC alignments will pass through Punjab. CPEC brings divined for ruling mafia (including Politician, Bureaucrats, FWO, Cement and Steel Cartels etc) in terms of construction projects and land acquisition executed through front end companies and selected contractors.

    Punjab-centrism of the Sharif approach strikes a chord with the larger Punjabi-ism of what we call as the ‘establishment. It cannot be digested that somehow GHQ has left CPEC (definer of our future) to the Sharif when FWO is executing most of the CPEC projects. Besides FWO, Generals will also take 1 % of the whole project (46 Billion $) as bounty for security. BTW Generals defining and planning our future in Pindi Garrison have nothing common with those killed in Waziristan.

    Prime Minister Nawaz (master of spin) announcements in Bannu (Roads re-carpeting, Airport re-opening etc) are lollipops, face saving efforts and preemptive measure to mute public outcry from area worst hit during past 15 years WOT. However these announcements are never taken seriously because if we go by announcements of Sharif Brothers during past 30 years, Waziristan and Baluchistan are more advanced than EU and America.

    Similar secret deals were signed with a superpower. First Zia (the Godfather of Sharif) was supporting another hegemon in its ultimate victory against the Soviet Union. And then Musharaf/Kayani were again secretly dealing with superpower. The ideology and weapons brought chaos that continues to haunt Pakistan. As the country received billions of dollars to keep the economic wheels turning, a toxic ideology permeated society, dividing the nation and killing thousands of innocent people.

    The argument this time is that the deals being signed are purely economic in nature and will bring jobs, foreign capital, and economic growth to the country. That may be true, and if it is, why the secrecy?

    Why is it that a top policymaker, the man in charge of keeping the economic system in order, is not aware of the dynamics of this deal?

    Why is the equity and debt component of the corridor a secret?

    Why are details around potential preferential treatment for Chinese construction companies and employees not being made public?

    These are questions that Pakistanis must ask themselves and those running this country. Last time around, the country was ruled by a zealot who wanted to alter the course of Pakistani society at all costs.

    Today, Pakistan is a democracy, at least an imperfect one. Demanding an answer is not only a right, but a moral and ethical responsibility.

    Alas colonials successfully converted indigenous development into ‘underdevelopment’, they applied a version of development that is very popular with colonisers and despotic states. This version of development focuses on physical infrastructure – roads, railway carriages, buildings etc. – and is the least sensitive to the personal rights, freedom and choices of the people.

    Ending Note :-

    It is not against Punjab as the Land of Punjab, But it is against unfairly Punjab-centric Ruling class and its mindset. Which is totally justified. The Punjab-centric policies are hurting Pakistan as a unified federation. If you love Pakistan as a federation you have to target these anti-Pakistan policies… Medicine is bitter most of the times…

  • Khorhae Marwat

    The desire for this $46 billion project to continue and succeed has proliferated to such an extent that those in favour of this project have failed to comprehend how severely Pakistan will be trapped in China’s geo-strategic orbit.

    What China will achieve from it is evident, giving her a dependable base in the Indian Ocean, nearby the Persian Gulf, commendably giving it two-ocean supremacy. It seems after US slavery, we will fell in China trap.

    Legend say 3-5 billions $ will be sent to off shore accounts of the strong men from Raiwind, Aabpara and Pindi

  • Khorhae Marwat

    Legend say that Mulana Fazal Rahman and CM Pervez Khatak have been duped and silenced by approving their pet projects (Industrial Units) for DI Khan and Central KPK (Nowshehra, Mardan, Malakand), which will executed by their favorite and connected contractors. There is a supersonic speed and haste in approval of part cases and immediate fund release in Planning Commission.

    During last IK Dharna ; all wheeling and dealing were done. During current Dharna Western route has been diverted from Southern KPK. It does not make any difference to northern and central districts of KPK, rather they are happy over this arrangement.

    Kohat tunnel was bitter experience for Peshawarite as all Khataks, Marwat, Banuchi, Wazir, Mehsud has reached Peshawar.

    The more Southern KPK is not connected its better for Northern KPK control over resource and Government.

  • Mohammad Hassan

    and G B ??????????

  • Abdur Rahman Usmani

    All these blessings are made available to all the four provinces but thw gate way Gilgit Baltistan will be Zero project.

    It seems that all the palnners are trying to instigate problems in Pakistan by neglecting such an important region.

    In the past same thing was done to Balochistan and it is being repeated in Gilgit Baltistan.