A good news: You may be able to now perform Umrah during Muharram and Shawwal as well in addition to the existing eight months – from Safar to Ramadan.

The Saudi government is considering a proposal to extend the Umrah season from the current eight months to 10.

Muharram and Shawwal will be included in the Umrah season.

Umrah visas are currently issued for eight months between Safar and Ramadan.

24 June: Nearly 6 million Umrah visitors made it to Makkah🕋 this year.


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The proposal comes in the wake of a new Saudi vision for Makkah and Madinah to be promoted as cultural cities of Islam through construction and expansion of museums and historic and cultural sites.

It is also in line with Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to raise the number of Umrah visitors from current 8 million to 30 million by 2030 after the prices of crude oil have dropped.

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    I think this good News of perform Umrah during Muharram and Shawwal as well in addition to the existing eight months – from Safar to Ramadan. could be appreciated by many of Muslims all over the worlds like me…