BBC Urdu recommends Wali

Who to follow on social media?

In a surprise post, today‘s Socialistan, a weekly feature by BBC Urdu, recommended blogger and futurist Wali Zahid to follow on Twitter and Facebook for economic trends about future.

The BBC Urdu’s Social Media Editor, Tahir Imran Mian, gave Wali’s Twitter handle and mentioned his Facebook fan page (with nearly 150,000 likes) which, according to BBC, has useful information on economy and other important issues.

Some posts by Wali on Pakistan

Worried about Pakistan’s $73B debt? You must see this

Harvard predicts Pakistan GDP to grow by 5% over next 10 years

Forbes calls Pakistan the next Colombia success story, asks US to see beyond security lens

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects pick up pace

$46B China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: 15 years, 3 routes, 51 projects

$7.6B 1,800km TAPI gas pipeline to be operational in 2018

Bloomberg on Pakistan’s economic revival, construction boom

Naya Pakistan: Travel from Pindi to Islamabad in 20¢ in wifi-ed AC bus

Rs 154B Orange Line Metro Train for Lahore

Green Line train from Islamabad to Karachi with free wifi

Pakistan is enjoying a rare period of optimism: The Economist

Pakistan is less corrupt than last year. This is good news. What’s the bad news?

Nothing could be more rewarding for me as I had been a BBC radio listener since my childhood.

In late 1990’s, I was a temporary staff member at BBC Urdu’s London office (many in Pakistan BBC today may not know it).

On an occasion like this, as my kids would say: give thanks to Allah.

Some more posts by Wali on Pakistan

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  • Nadia Ishaque

    Mashallah, congratulations Wali Bhai
    The BBC Urdu has given an absolutely true recommendation. I agree with them that you give very authentic information. Your articles are interesting, informative and motivational for me as I am a Pakistani living abroad and I appreciate your approach of mentioning facts and figures with graphs and pictures. Keep up the good work!