Karachi ranks among the 10 least liveable cities in the world

Pakistani megacity Karachi has ranked among the 10 least liveable cities in the world in The Economist (EIU) 2016 ranking released this week.

In the 140-city Liveability Ranking survey, Karachi ranked 6th worst along with Algiers.

Karachi has an estimated population of over 20 million. The official figure is 16.126 million.

With 134th ranking out of 140, Karachi could have easily hit the rock bottom.

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According to EIU, Karachi had one of the lowest scores for stability (crime and conflict, 20, rock-bottom) and for culture and environment (38.7, rock-bottom). However, a modest score for education (66.7) helped keep it from topping the worst ranking.

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The EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) report – 2016 Liveability Ranking – which ranks the best and worst cities to live in the world, provides scores out of 100 for lifestyle challenges in 140 cities worldwide.

2016 Liveability Ranking criteria below:

Criteria for best and worst cities to live in the world

The five-category ranking takes into account healthcare, education, infrastructure, safety, and the threat of terrorism. It then gives an overall mark out of 100.


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Below: Melbourne in Australia topped the 2016 ranking of most liveable cities.

ten most liveable cities

According to Business Insider, some of the world’s major cities are becoming tougher places to live due to rising political and social unrest, as well as growing threats of terrorism.

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Below: Syria’s capital Damascus ranked the world’s least liveable city.

The only city in South Asia worse than Karachi is Dhaka, Bangladesh, which ranks the fourth least liveable.

ten least liveable cities

Tailpiece: As I recently wrote in The News, public-sector corruption is one thing and public neglect is another, and the latter too needs to be treated as a punishable crime, authorities or powers which are responsible for making Karachi a liveable city needs to be made accountable.

As for future improvement, the EIU makes it bare for authorities on how to improve for 2017 Liveability ranking. Pick the five categories above. See where our score is lacking. Gather the official team in each area. Give them targets and KPIs and a deadline. And that’s it. Whether through reward or fear of punishment, they need to make this city liveable. No less.

The same goes for the private sector too. Where their role is concerned, they need to be facilitated and encouraged for setting up facilities in sports, education and health.

Can we do better in next year’s Liveability ranking?

Download the EIU’s 2016 Liveability Ranking and Overview summary report here.

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