Pakistan world’s 14th most fragile country

Fragile States Index 2016 Pakistan

Pakistan has ranked 14th on the Fragile States Index 2016. Pakistan score is 101.7 out of possible 120. A higher score reflects poor ranking.

In 2015 and 2014, Pakistan ranking was 13 and 10 respectively.

Finland became least fragile with 178 ranking, with Norway and New Zealand following at 177 and 176.

According to Business Insider, Pakistan’s fragility has marginally weakened over the past year as the nation faces significant challenges with group grievances, security concerns and external interventions.

Pakistan is host to almost one million internally displaced persons (IDPs), nearly 3 million refugees from Afghanistan, ongoing extremism, terrorist attacks, US-led drone strikes and a simmering separatist movement in Balochistan.

Of the 12 criteria, Pakistan’s worst score is in Group Grievance (9.7) and least worse is in Uneven Development (7.0).

In South Asia, we are ranked the worst. Screen shots above and below.

About Fragile States Index 2016

According to Foreign Policy: For 12 years, the Fragile States Index (FSI), created by the Fund for Peace and published by Foreign Policy, has taken stock of the year’s events, using 12 social, economic, and political indicators to analyze how wars, peace accords, environmental calamities, and political movements have pushed countries toward stability or closer to the brink of collapse.

The index then ranks the countries accordingly, from most fragile to least.

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Fragile States Index 2016 least fragile 25

Above: The top 25 countries which are least fragile (Finland 178, best; United States 159). To see full listing, click here.

Defining the 12 Indicators

  1. DEMOGRAPHIC PRESSURES: Concerns related to population, such as food scarcity, population growth, and mortality rates;
  2. REFUGEES AND INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS: Concerns associated with population displacement and refugees;
  3. GROUP GRIEVANCE: Tensions and violence among groups within the state;
  4. HUMAN FLIGHT AND BRAIN DRAIN: Levels of migration out of the country including, but not limited to, the flight of refugees and educated individuals;
  5. UNEVEN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Disparities in development among different ethnic and religious groups and among regions within the state;
  6. POVERTY AND ECONOMIC DECLINE: Poverty rates and economic performance;
  7. STATE LEGITIMACY: Corruption and other measures of democratic capacity, such as government performance and electoral process;
  8. PUBLIC SERVICES: Provision of education, health care, sanitation, and other services;
  9. HUMAN RIGHTS AND RULE OF LAW: The protection and promotion of human rights;
  10. SECURITY APPARATUS: Internal conflict and the proliferation of nonstate armed groups;
  11. FACTIONALIZED ELITESConflict and competition among local and national leaders;
  12. EXTERNAL INTERVENTION: Levels of foreign assistance as well as imposed interventions, such as sanctions or military invasion.

Fragile States Index 2016 criteria

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Other notable countries (our neighbours, top economies in 2050) and their Fragility ranking in 2016 and (2015):

Under 50

Nepal 33 (36)

Bangladesh 36 (32)

Sri Lanka 43 (34)

Egypt 38 (38)

Iran 47 (44)

Under 100

Russia 65 (65)

India 70 (68)

Turkey 79 (90)

China 86 (83)

Indonesia 86 (88)

Over 100

Saudi Arabia 97 (101)

Malaysia 115 (115)

United Arab Emirates 145 (144)

USA 159 (158)

Canada 169 (168)

One trend can be picked up from the above rankings:

Sri Lanka improved by 9 points, while Turkey fell by 11 points.

Fragile States Index 2016 most fragile 15

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