5 May 2017: Afghanistan border police opens fire on FC troops detailed for security of census team in a village along Chaman Border, killing nine Pakistani civilians and injuring 42 including four FC soldiers, ISPR and news sources say. The Chaman Border has been closed for all types of traffic.

Later, an exchange of fire between Afghan and Pakistan forces at Torkham occurred. Border crossing has been closed till further order.

There are escalating skirmishes on Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Torkham. A Pakistani army major – Major Ali Jawad Changezi – has succumbed to injuries received yesterday in firing from across the Torkham border.

Below is a comparison of both militaries’s current capabilities and available firepower for 2016. Courtesy: Global Firepower Index.

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Pakistan 2016 | Global rank: 13

Pakistan 13th most powerful military in the world

Full Pakistan listing here.

Afghanistan 2016 | Global rank: 66

Afghanistan 66th most powerful military in the world

Full Afghanistan listing here.

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  • Nasir Zuberi

    Thanks for sharing this comparison.

    Apparently, the rift initiated by Afghanistan is based on background support of US & India because Afghan leadership is not even capable of bringing their own house in order.

    Ashraf Ghani is a puppet & only speak as directed.

    Secondly, our PM Nawaz Sharif has not uttered a word on this for obvious reasons.

    • Wali Zahid

      What are obvious reasons?

    • WAR-HAWK

      Nasir Zuberi, let it be as it is. tell me about your self. WHAT ARE YOU? and ARE YOU MUSLIM? i think you are an ignorant who cant speak or write. even cant think in a good way. you mentioned about puppet, Tell me about your PM and other authorities! arent they puppets? are you guys really free? all you have is IGNORANCE and nothing else. please think a little more than this time and then write(it shows your abilities and your personality)

  • Muhammad Ali Sheikh

    خدا پاکستان کا حامی و ناصر ہو ۔

  • Kamran Hashim

    you missed some points here;
    01) Afghan Military is backed by some of the top Militaries of the world and our military is not even backed by China.
    02) they have REAL warriors; and we Pakistan have puppet warriors.
    03) Usually Afghans dont kill their own people but our military can only kill own people.

    • Hashir

      First of all, the afghan military is one of the worst militaries of the world and they are NOT backed by anyone except the USA and even that is limited to basic training and second-hand M16s. They have real warriors!?? Please, get that shit out of your head! They cannot even control their own territories! And since when have we killed our own people? Agar itne he pasand hain afghani to lund choos le ja ke un ka.