There are escalating skirmishes on Pakistan-Afghanistan border. A Pakistani army major – Major Ali Jawad Changezi – has succumbed to injuries received yesterday in firing from across the Torkham border on Monday.

We do not know yet if the conflict will intensify or there will be effort for normalcy.

Check current status in this Reuters story.

Below is a comparison of both militaries’s current capabilities and available firepower for 2016. Courtesy: Global Firepower Index.

Pakistan 2016 | Global rank: 13

Pakistan 13th most powerful military in the world

Full Pakistan listing here.

Afghanistan 2016 | Global rank: 66

Afghanistan 66th most powerful military in the world

Full Afghanistan listing here.

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  • Nasir Zuberi

    Thanks for sharing this comparison.

    Apparently, the rift initiated by Afghanistan is based on background support of US & India because Afghan leadership is not even capable of bringing their own house in order.

    Ashraf Ghani is a puppet & only speak as directed.

    Secondly, our PM Nawaz Sharif has not uttered a word on this for obvious reasons.

  • Muhammad Ali Sheikh

    خدا پاکستان کا حامی و ناصر ہو ۔