How China overtakes the US economy

China overtakes the US economy

The United States has had the world’s biggest economy for 140 years, but the International Monetary Fund now ranks China as the world’s largest economy according to GDP per capita.

We examine the differences between the two economies in this Infographic (size: 1MB) by Dennis Wong. – SCMP

Infographic by Dennis Wong in South China Morning Post

Our reports on China-Pakistan relations:

$46B China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: 15 years, 3 routes, 51 projects

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects pick up pace

world's biggest public companies 2016

One early indicator of the above: According to the Forbes 2016 ranking of world’s biggest public companies:

Four of world’s six biggest public companies are Chinese:

2 China Construction Bank
3 Agricultural Bank of China
6 Bank of China

More on China’s economic & military rise & Xi Jinping:

China’s world-reshaping $225B One Belt, One Road (OBOR)

With a parade, China announces itself as the next superpower: TIME

Xi Jinping: most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong

The World Bank, meet your challenger: China-led AIIB

BRICS bank an alternative to World Bank/IMF?

China gets highest approval from Pakistanis, Africans as world leader

Africa: Nigeria largest economy, China largest single trading partner

China's GDP growth 1980-2015

China’s GDP growth 1980-2015. Source: BBC

More on China’s internal cleaning:

Chinese General, 74, sentenced to life for corruption

China’s Communist Party bans adultery for members

10 trucks of corruption money, loot of a Chinese general

China bans actors for using drugs, prostitutes

China’s biggest political takedown in 30 years on ex-security chief

3 of top 4 Fortune-500 firms are now Chinese

6 September update: The new Fortune Global 500 is out. It shows a shift in the world’s business landscape. Three of top 4 Fortune-500 firms are now Chinese.

1 Walmart

2 State Grid

3 China National Petroleum

4 Sinopec Group

The world we live in:

What the world will be like in year 2100

In a few years, people may live up to 100 years

The world’s most spoken languages

Pakistan is now world’s 40th largest economy

Pakistan 6th most populous country now and in 2050


September 2016: In GDP based on PPP valuation, China is $2.5 trillion ahead of US.

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