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7 December 2017 update: With 14% increase in crude oil price over the past year and petrol prices changing worldwide, petrol price in Pakistan is still the 25th lowest in the world (see the image below).

21 November 2016 update: For the past eight months, petrol price in Pakistan has consistently been one of the lowest in the world, as well as in South Asia region.

Wali Zahid | IMC

With the March price of Rs 62.77 per litre, Pakistan becomes the 18th cheapest country in the world in terms of petrol price. Pakistan petrol price is also the lowest in South Asia.

With Rs 23.57/litre, Kuwait petrol is the world’s cheapest, followed by Saudi Arabia at Rs 26.21/litre. Iran is at Rs 43.39/litre.

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Petrol in Hong Kong is the most expensive in the world (Rs 186.73/litre), three times more than Pakistan.

USA is at Rs 57.43/litre. UK is at Rs 151.95/litre.

India is at Rs 93.06/litre. Bangladesh petrol is the most expensive in the South Asia region at Rs 134.87/litre.

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Regional countries with higher petrol prices than Pakistan are (PKR per litre):

Indonesia: 64.30

Afghanistan: 80.92

Bhutan: 88.63

Sri Lanka: 92.45

India: 93.06

China: 95.33

Nepal: 98.68

Bangladesh: 134.87

The graph above from MyTravelCost.

You can also check out petrol prices, updated every week here.

1 June 2018 update: The five-year term of current PMLN government ended on 31 May 2018.

Petrol prices per litre in PKR in Saarc countries on 28 May 2018:

Pakistan 🇵🇰 88
Bhutan 🇧🇹 98
Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 108
Nepal 🇳🇵 118
Bangladesh 🇧🇩 122
India 🇮🇳 140

Report by Institute of Media & Communications (IMC), Pakistan

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    I don’t kow if the statistic is fair. Only when you count 100% for the price it’s ok, but in my country (the Netherlands) there are a lot of high taxes added. This means the price can never be as low as in Pakistan or other countries. Our taxes are used for eg high social benefits of citizens, things I don’t think they are payed in Pakistan. Nevertheless, I like to drive around in your country for this Price 🙂 ! Brunei is not on the list? It’s also very cheap overthere!