This map explains the Saudi-Iran proxy war

proxy-war-in-Saudi Arabia and Iran

Following Riyadh’s execution last week of Shia scholar Nimr al-Nimr, a diplomatic showdown between Saudi Arabia and Iran has threatened to further destabilise the Middle East and jeopardise Syrian peace talks between the regional archrivals.

Riyadh and its allies in Bahrain, Kuwait and Sudan have cut diplomatic ties with Tehran; the United Arab Emirates downgraded its relations with the Iranian government; and Qatar brought home its ambassador.

The other African countries which have cut diplomatic ties with Iran are: Djibouti and Somalia.

And Iran’s proxy militias in Iraq and Lebanon have vowed to retaliate against Saudi Arabia over the cleric’s death.

Iran has banned all products from Saudi Arabia after ties cut.

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The map above, created by French cartographer Emmanuel Pène for the Maghreb and Orient Courier, illustrates Iranian and Saudi regional alliances and how the two countries could use the Middle East’s sectarian divisions to their advantage.

via: Foreign Policy

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