Shafiq beats cops

A Karachi citizen, Shafiq, is trending on Twitter today.

Reason: He wanted to park his motorcycle at a PIDC Chowk parking. PIDC building faces Movenpick and PC hotels and is next to Sindh Chief Minister House. The traffic police cop stops him.

The CCTV footage shows a raged Shafiq beating two traffic cops before cops gather to overpower and arrest Shafiq.

In an action movie-star Sultan-Rahi-like style, while hand-cuffed and talking to TV crews, Shafiq says he will hit the policemen again if such occasion arises.

Shafiq was arrested and later released on bail. Shafiq will be produced before a court on Tuesday.

According to a news update, Shafiq has disappeared from his place to avoid court hearing.

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His videos have gone viral on social media.

VIDEO 1: First, watch Shafiq determination:

VIDEO 2: Now, see CCTV coverage:

What does law say here?

What do you think how Shafiq needs to be treated by law?

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