Quetta, 24 Oct 2016: Three militants wearing bomb vests storm a police training centre in Quetta Monday night and martyr at least 61 police cadets and wound another 117. The three attackers are reportedly killed.

The facility housed 600 police cadets at that time, Balochistan Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti said.

A major security operation lasted for hours after the attackers entered the building and opened fire. 250 cadets were evacuated.

IG FC Major General Sher Afghan said initial investigation suggests that the terrorists were affiliated with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Al Alami, a splinter Taliban group.

Quetta and Peshawar among 20 most terrorist prone cities in the world

Pakistan ranks 5th in terrorism-affected countries list

Peshawar, 18 Sept 2015: Terrorists today attacked a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) camp in Badaber area, 10km south of Peshawar at morning (Fajr) prayers, and martyred 30 people including PAF men, civilian employees, worshippers and an army captain. Thirteen attackers were killed, ISPR said.

Here’s a list of significant attacks on military and sensitive installations in Pakistan in recent years along with number of military or civilian casualties.

The reported numbers may vary.

The list is for academic purposes.

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