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Ten photos that foretell the rise of two world powers – China and India

While global politics take a backseat, both China’s Xi Jinping and India’s Narendra Modi are meeting CEOs of American tech/Fortune-500 firms during their visit to US this month for UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) session.

Here are ten photos that show how priorities of world powers are changing.

US firms CEOs with Xi

1 China’s President Xi Jinping meeting American CEOs. Companies represented in this photo have a combined market capitalization of $2.5 trillion.

China’s world-reshaping Belt and Road Initiative

VIDEO: An economic history of the world in 1 minute. Source: The Economist

Pakistan’s place in 2050: Back to the future: Pakistan in 2050

PM Narendra Modi interacting with some of the Fortune 500 CEOs in a special event in New York

2 India’s PM Narendra Modi interacting with some of the Fortune-500 CEOs in a special event in New York.

PM Modi in meeting with CEOs Google, Microsoft and other Tech giants

3 India’s PM Modi in meeting with CEOs of Google, Microsoft and other tech giants.

Modi with Google founders and CEOs

4 Modi with founders and CEO of Google at their Santa Clara County, California, headquarters.

Modi with Facebook CEO

5 Modi with Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg at their Menlo Park, California, headquarters

6 It was last year (2014) when China crossed US as world’s No 1 economy on GDP PPP terms. India is at No 3. Updated April 2018. Source: IMF World Outlook

See: How China beats US economy by a trillion dollar every year

Global economic growth is more reliant on 3 countries - China, USA and India

7 Global economic growth is now more reliant on just three countries – China, USA and India. All the rest of the countries add about half point of GDP growth. Source: The Economist

India overtakes China & US as world's top FDI destination

8 India overtakes China & US as world’s top FDI destination. $31 billion in first half of 2015. This means $1.2 billion every week. Total India FDI in 2015: $63 billion. Contrast with Pakistan: Total FDI in 2015: Less than a billion. Source: Financial Times

World economies in 2050

9 In 2050, China is world’s No 1 economy and India is No 3 by GDP, according to Goldman Sachs. Source: BBC

10 In 2050, China is world’s No 1 economy and India is No 2 by GDP PPP, reducing US to No 3 position, according to PwC.

PS: Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif also visited New York for UNGA 2015 session. The only high-profile meeting reported was with Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft. Unlike Xi and Modi, it was to seek Gates Foundation’s support for polio eradication program in Pakistan, and not for business opportunities.

Result: Total Pakistan FDI in 2015: <$1 billion (partial attribution to UNGA presence)

PPS: September 2016: PM Nawaz Sharif is visiting New York for UNGA 2016 session. I produced this video message for him: Pakistan at UNGA 2016 | Are our priorities right?

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