Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn1

This morning, Dawn published a report of a lecture at Karachi University by a visiting historian Dr Akbar S Zaidi. It was headlined: Dr Akbar dispels ‘the victory myth’, saying that there can be no bigger lie.

In my desire to post insightful information I shared the link on my Facebook profile, at the same time warning Dawn (tu tau gayo: you are gone!).

Also because, 30 years ago, Dawn was my first job. When I was hired, I was told by the Editor that we take authenticity and fact as important as if we are writing history on the go.

It was only a matter of hours that ultra-nationalists on social media made this a top Twitter trend: #DawnPawnOfModi.

What followed were calls for Dawn and its owners to be tried for treason.

It soon ’emerged’ that Dawn had been allegedly bribed by India’s Modi Sarkar by a portion of INR 350 million, which they had allocated for the 50th anniversary of 1965 India-Pakistan War.

See my tweet on this:

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn

Within the next couple of hours, enthusiasts, amateur artists, photoshop designers came up with compelling illustrations against Dawn. All in the line of national duty.

Here’s a selection of a few random images with headline themes:

It’s the Modi Sarkar

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn2

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn3

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn4

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn11

Dawn twisting ‘original’ history

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn8

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn5

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn12

Dawn working for India

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn6

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn9

Time for treason case

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn13

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn7

Dawn should go to India 

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn10

Dawn is National Defence Day spoiler

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn14

Nation should boycott Dawn along with Geo

Pakistan lost 1965 war Dawn15

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  • Hamza

    I read it and saw twitter trend. Definitely no difference betweetn those twitter people and the Professor, both lost it. The professor seemed attention seeker similar to Meera.