Dota 2 TI5 prize pool 8 Aug

Updated, latest: Sumail, richest esports player by age in history, bags $6.6m online game championship

By Wali Zahid (@walizahid)

Pakistani-American boy wonder Sumail (@SumaaaaiL), 16, is all set to play the final match in Dota 2 championship TI5 on Saturday 8 August. Sumail is playing at Mid Lane for team Evil Geniuses (EG).

Update: EG has beaten LGD Gaming in Lower Bracket Finals and now facing CDEC Gaming in Grand Finals – both on the same day. Earlier on Friday, CDEC Gaming had beaten the EG.

It will be a historic occasion if EG and Sumail can pull this off as playing two finals (with maximum of 8 games) in a day requires unprecedented level of concentration, focus and energy.

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Dota 2 TI5 Grand Finals schedule | Seattle, USA | Saturday 8 August

Dota 2 TI5 grand finals schedule

TI5 (The International Dota 2 Championships 2015) is the fifth annual edition of The International (TI).

The tournament is taking place from 3-8 August in Seattle, USA, at KeyArena, a multi-purpose arena in Seattle Center, with a seating capacity of 17,000.

A total of 16 teams are participating. All teams comprise five members.

According to Dota 2 official site, 16 teams play in a double elimination format over six days.

Eight teams begin in the upper bracket, eight in the lower bracket.

First lower bracket game is best of one, Grand Finals are best of five, all others are best of three.

Team standings after Saturday 8 August Lower Bracket Finals, and before the Grand Finals.

Courtesy: DotaBuff

Dota 2 TI5 team standing before final

Many parents in Pakistan still loathe their small children when they are addicted to their PS4, Xbox or high-end gaming laptops. Or, even on iPads.

They may not have yet realised the emerging potential – which brings both celebrity status and financial success – of esports.

The numbers below might be useful for ‘worrying’ parents.

Dota 2 TI5 prize pool winning team

The TI5 prize pool is now nearly $18.4 million, the biggest esports prize fund in history. The winning team of five alone gets over $6.6 million ($1.33 million each). The prize pool is bigger than top 10 traditional sports (chart below):

Dota2 TI5 prize pool - How it compares with 10 traditional sports, $m

How prize works

TI5 total prize pool: $18.4 million

First-place 5-member team gets: $6.6 million

Each player from top team gets: $1.33 million

With 75% winrate and 3 wins in a row and one loss during August, Sumail and his team Evil Geniuses have already reached the Lower Bracket Finals.

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Evil geniuses DOTA2 TI5

The biggest upset of this year’s tournament was the elimination of Newbee, champion team from TI4, on Day 1 of TI5.

Sumail profile Dota 2 TI5

Sumail highlights so far (7 August):

  • Win against one of the top Chinese powerhouses that put Team Secret into the lower bracket
  • Got run over in game 1
  • Made epic comeback to win the next 2 games
  • Sumail owned in the game 3
  • EG lost to CDEC on Friday but still reached the Lower Bracket Finals
  • His team EG are aiming to win the Lower Bracket Finals and Grand Finals – both on the same day.
  • Richest esports player by age
  • His team EG already won the $1.2 million Dota 2 DAC15 Asian championship in February
  • Back in Karachi, Sumail played with Danyal (game name: Danger), the writer’s son
  • The boy wonder tribute below is designed by Danyal for his pal Sumail.