Pakistan in Fragile States Index criteria

This year with a 3-point improvement, Pakistan came at No 13 on Fragile States Index. Last year, Pakistan ranking was at 10.

We are listed in the Most Fragile/High Alert category.

Finland is the only country to achieve Very Sustainable ranking, with Sweden, Norway and Denmark following at Sustainable ranking. That is, these four Scandinavian countries are the best in the world.

Of the 12 criteria, Pakistan’s worst score is in Group Grievance (10) and least worse is in Human Flight (7). In South Asia, we are ranked the worst. Screen shots above and below:

Pakistan High Alert in Fragile States Index

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91% Pakistanis have access to drinking water: Unicef/WHO

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Other notable countries (our neighbours, top economies in 2050) and their Fragility ranking:

Bangladesh 32

Sri Lanka 34

Nepal 36

Egypt 38

Iran 44

Russia 65

India 68

China 83

Indonesia 88

Turkey 90

Saudi Arabia 101

Malaysia 115

United Arab Emirates 144

USA 158

Canada 168

In Pakistan, anything, any event can erupt us into fragility. Isn’t this bad for world’s 43rd largest economy, 7th nuclear power and 15th most powerful military power?

Plenty of strategy, effort and energies are required to come out of the league of Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Pakistan at 13 in Fragile States Index

For 11 years now, the Fragile States Index, created by the Fund for Peace and published by Foreign Policy, has taken stock of the year’s events, using 12 social, economic, and political indicators to analyze how wars, peace accords, environmental calamities and political movements have pushed countries towards stability or closer to the brink of collapse, says FP website.

Pakistan: The brighter side:

Harvard predicts Pakistan GDP to grow by 5% over next 10 years

Forbes calls Pakistan the next Colombia success story, asks US to see beyond security lens

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects pick up pace

$46B China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: 15 years, 3 routes, 51 projects

Pakistan is the world’s fastest-growing Muslim economy: The Economist

$7.6B 1,800km TAPI gas pipeline to be operational in 2018

Bloomberg on Pakistan’s economic revival, construction boom

Next year, Pakistan may upgrade to emerging-market status: WSJ

Naya Pakistan: Travel from Pindi to Islamabad in 20¢ in wifi-ed AC bus

Rs 154B Orange Line Metro Train for Lahore

Green Line train from Islamabad to Karachi with free wifi

Groundbreaking of Karachi’s Green Line Bus project

No ordinary day as international cricket returns to Pakistan

Pakistan is enjoying a rare period of optimism: The Economist

Pakistan is less corrupt than last year. This is good news. What’s the bad news?

Pakistan world’s least expensive country: World Bank

The index then ranks the countries accordingly, from most fragile to least. 2015 map below:

Fragile States Index 2015

You can download the full FFP Fragile States Index 2015 report here.

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