As Pakistani teenager Sumail of Evil Geniuses (EG) beats Lower Bracket Finals against CDEC Gaming, and now playing Grand Finals against CDEC Gaming in $18.4 million Dota 2 championship TI5, has received some exclusive backstage photos.

Pakistani fans will be pleased to notice the Pakistani flag on Twitch TV, which is showing TI5 matches live.

Courtesy: Danny

Enjoy the grand finals and the photos.

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Pakistani teenager Sumail plays $18.4m online game finals today

Sumail Dota 2 TI5 photos8

Pakistani flag on twitch TV that is showing TI5 live.

Sumail Dota 2 TI5 photos3

In Seattle KeyArena today, everyone is like America vs China.

Sumail Dota 2 TI5 photos7

Sumail (R), Yawar (C) and Danny (L)

Sumail Dota 2 TI5 photos1


Sumail Dota 2 TI5 photos4

Sumail (L), Yawar and Danny

Sumail Dota 2 TI5 photos5


Sumail Dota 2 TI5 photos6

Sumail (L), Yawar and Danny

Sumail Dota 2 TI5 photos2

Seattle KeyArena

Richest by age Sumail Dota2 TI5

Sumail, the richest esports player by age in history. Designed by Danyal.

To see more photos, check out Wali’s instagram

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