We just published a post on the fasting hours during Ramadan 2015 – Fasting hours around the world – on this blog. The summary headline was: From 10 hours in Australia to 22 hours in Iceland.

As soon as we tweeted and shared it on Facebook and LinkedIn, people started commenting: Let’s go to Australia.

Sorry guys. Forget it. Australia knew what you were planning to. And they have already made immigration policies as such that you couldn’t do this.

Check this advertisement. From Australian Government’s homepage:

No way Australia immigration

To make it easy for all of you, they have produced this policy advertisement in Urdu, Pashto, Dari and Hazargi besides English.

So guys, cancel your travel plans. Stay wherever you are. And fast there.

PS: The above is a pun intended for my tweeeps and Facebookers.

PPS: The Real Story: This is an advertisement released last year to stop illegal immigrants from this part of the world from entering Australia. See Dawn of 10 October.

For Ramadan dates, check this: When is Ramadan in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia

Written by Wali Zahid. Filed under Satire! Published under Uncategorized. Original category and hashtag lost. :(

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