PAF JF-17 Thunder

Guest Post by Abdus Samad Khan

Pakistan’s indigenous multirole fighter JF-17 Thunder officially has a customer.

Reports suggest that a deal has been struck with an “Asian” country with deliveries starting in 2017. It is surprising that the name of the country has not yet been disclosed, the confidentiality is attributed to “security” reasons and the sensitivity of such an agreement.

This certainly is good news for the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex as finding a buyer beyond Pakistan has proven to be quite challenging.

There has been much speculation as the JF-17s have been presented at Farnborough, Dubai and Zhuhai airshows over the years.

Azerbaijan, Egypt, Argentina and even Saudia Arabia have all been linked with the JF-17 and it will be interesting to see which country has finally agreed to induct a fighter aircraft primarily developed by Pakistan which is the newest entrant in this highly competitive and politically influenced market.

More than 50 JF-17s in-service with the Pakistan Air Force are currently designated as the Block-I configuration.

The Thunder’s modular design allows systematic upgradation and all of the aircraft will eventually be upgraded to Block-II standard which will feature Aerial Refueling, improved Electronic Countermeasure/Defensive suite and integration with advanced Air/Ground/Sea attack Weapon Systems.

There is also a suggestion of developing an AESA radar for a Block-III upgrade in the future.

JF-17 Thunder at Paris show

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  • Farhan Subhani

    World is in the race of Hypersonic MACH 5 and v are delighted like kids…. Carry on, I was not intended to disturb the nation for its happiness upon the technology of China….

    • Abdus Samad

      Yes the world is in the race for hyper-sonic …… spacecraft not fighter jets, such speed is useless to a fighter aircraft as it will burn fuel too quickly and the aircraft would probably break into shreds while maneuvering, hence the fastest aircraft the SR-71 and MiG-25 which could achieve Mach 3.0+ almost 40 years ago are retired today….. and they were only ever used for recon but never as a fighter.