Fasting hours around the world

Fasting hours around the world: From 10 hours in Australia to 22 hours in Iceland.

Above: Fasting hours 2015 citywide, by Huff Post. Below: Fasting hours country-average times, by IHH

Check our pun on this story:

No. Australia won’t let you in if you think: Oh, it’s only 10-hour fast there

Fasting hours around the world

BBC VIDEO: How do Muslims in Norway fast for 20 hours?

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Fasting hours

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Fasting hours in different parts of the world. By Al-Arabiya News.

fasting hours 2015

Finally, The Economist infographic of the fasting hours in major Muslim counties, along with selected other countries. Based on Pew research:

Fasting hours around the world Economist

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