Updated 13 August 2018: Newly-elected MPs take oath to run PakistanđŸ‡”đŸ‡°, the world🌏’s Number 5 and Muslim world🌙’s Number 1 fastest-growing📈 economy: IMC

Updated 14 October 2017 | Exclusive: Pakistan has been forecasted to be the world’s fastest-growing Muslim economy ahead of Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Egypt, the four top contenders, according to London’s The Economist magazine.

Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth is also ahead of 3.6 percent GDP growth of Israel.

This makes Pakistan to be fifth fastest growing economy in the world, only behind India and China and two other Asian countries.

This post appeared in the widely-circulated Express Tribune on 10 January 2017. ET is an affiliate publication of New York Times. This was followed by the post being carried on all print and electronic media. A glimpse here:

In an interactive table of economic and financial indicators published on The Economist website, live data which is updated twice-daily, Pakistan GDP is forecast to be growing at 5.4 percent in 2017.

This data reinforces a Harvard University study forecasting Pakistan to grow by nearly 6 percent in the next decade.

See Harvard predicts Pakistan GDP to grow by 6% over 10 years

This data is also highlighted in the 14 August piece in Pakistan’s largest-selling English-language daily, The News: Back to the future: Pakistan in 2050

The data was also mentioned by this writer in a show on Business Plus TV on Pakistan of future. Link below:

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In 2017, we are forecasted to grow at 5.4 percent, which is lower than the 2016’s 5.7 percent forecasted growth rate.

Is it not the time that the Finance Minister takes concrete steps to put economy on a path of irreversible growth?

In the 2014 forecast by The Economist, Pakistan was world’s 6th fastest-growing country.

In a corruption-riddled world, Pakistan is better than one-third countries: TI

Pakistan world’s least expensive country: World Bank

Pakistan petrol prices 18th lowest in the world

August 2016 update: When you view The Economist interactive data table above, country ranking may change as you change the parameter or the filter.

Case in point: In June update, Pakistan lagged behind Malaysia and Indonesia’s growth rates. In August, Pakistan was back to fastest-growing Muslim-economy status.

More about Pakistan economy

CPEC fact sheet: 2013-2017

Pakistan GDP to grow by 5.5% by 2020: IMF

Pakistan GDP to grow at 5.5% in 2018: World Bank

Pakistan at $300B is world’s 40th largest economy

It’s the economy, stupid

The four world economies ahead of us are, in this order:

India (7.1%)

Vietnam (6.6%)

China (6.6%)

Philippines (6.6%)

Pakistan’s travel infrastructure

Mass-transit transport in urban Pakistan taking shape

For Rs 20, take a Metro ride from Pindi to Islamabad

A bit of wait for Orange Line train launch

e-ticketing on Green Line train from Islamabad to Karachi

Karachi to get Green Line bus service by end-2017

We are ahead of large Muslim economies, like:

  • Indonesia (5.2%)
  • Malaysia (4.3%)
  • Egypt (3.9%)
  • Turkey (2.8%)

All of the above except Malaysia are going to be among the top 20 economies in the world in 2050.

Incidentally, all the top six fastest-growing economies are in Asia.

An Urdu version of this post is available here.

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  • Ashir

    That’s really very good……….!

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  • Shagufta

    It’s just an eye wash , who is going to pay the heavy borrowing of IMF & world Bank etc etc

    • asif farrukh

      Did you watch the decision of government that no new borrowing program for Pakistan from now onward. You may see a very strong impact on economy in 3-5 years when coming years will observe annual drop in debt payments. So Pakistan will turn into a welfare state during second regime of nawaz sharif between 2018-2023.

      • Hamza

        Yes dummy, anyone who gives you loan also give you grace period to payback, thats why gov. Decided not to take more loan in that grace period but what gonna happen when they would ask for paying back their money with heavy interest after 1.5 year which is grace period? Stop makin these fake growth articles

  • Hameed Qaiser

    I think this is all due to the positive policies of the present Government. Sooner, if Pakistan recovered its energy deficit it’s industrial growth made Pakistan the number one in Muslim countries.
    This article is outstanding based on latest research data. Congrats Mr. Zahid Wali..please keep it up.

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  • Dildar khan

    I am not an economist and don’t have a vast vision like Asad user and the writer of this article Mr Wali. But iam a simple Pakistani, always wishing for the prosperity of Pakistan. Unfortunately after traveling in KPK, the changed Pakistan, punjab and the capital, things have changed and going in right direction. But issues like honor killings, polio, ransom kidnappings major power break downs, different laws and subsequent rewards and punishments according to wealth and status etc etc are really painful. The human value has gone down to jungle laws.. If humanity is not there than I think we are not into any growing stature. I m sorry being pessimistic but honestly speaking the human values have really ruined in last twenty years and the rate of disorder is too fast and irreversible. May Allah guide us to be a human first than a ruler like khan or sharif… Pakistan zindabaad.

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    Thanks for great info!!

  • Osman Khalid

    Sorry, a total crap analysis, with no proper references and facts/figures

  • Muammar khakwani

    In correct information with no references. The govt itself has announced gdp growth of 4.7% and that too with a lot of criticism of fabricating numbers.
    How can an economy grow to 4.7% when the backbone (agrocilture) has shown negative growth

  • Azhar

    It is absurd to budget something or reflect GDP without correct census data.


    Where is the name of Bangladesh? GDP growth in Bangladesh is more than 6 for the last several years.

  • Sam

    More lies I see. 39% people are below the line of poverty…38% are unsure of their next meal and 34% are unemployed.