Pakistan World Happiness report 2015

With a happiness score of 5.194, Pakistan has been ranked 81st happiest country among 158 countries studied, according to the World Happiness Report 2015, released on 23 April.

With a score of 7.587, Switzerland is the happiest country on earth while Togo in Africa with 2.839 score is the unhappiest.

Pakistan ranking has been unchanged from 2013 report. Our score then was: 5.292.

The happiness score is measured with these seven variables/predictors:

7 measures, predictors of happiness

Pakistan at #81 is ahead of its South Asia neighbours: #84 China (5.140), #117 India (4.565), #110 Iran (4.686) and #153 Afghanistan (3.575).

It is also ahead of some regional economies and European countries, like #90 Philippines (5.073), #102 Greece (4.857), #103 Lebanon (4.839), #109 Bangladesh (4.694), #113 South Africa (4.642), #132 Sri Lanka (4.271) and #135 Egypt (4.194).

You can see the country ranking, below:

World Happiness report 2015

You can download the full World Happiness report here.

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