2 Feb: LDA, Nespak and TEPA have been directed for remodelling of roads through U-turns, intersections and other solutions at appropriate points for smooth flow of vehicles along 27km track of Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT), passing through busy and congested areas of Lahore city.

Meanwhile, OLMT’s Chinese contractors, CR-NORINCO, strongly criticise the Punjab government for its failure to get a go-ahead from a court to start construction at 12 heritage sites under litigation. The delay has lasted over a year. The contractors ask authorities to outline the time period required to get OLMT project cleared from the court. No construction activity can start on the underground central station near Mall Road until then.

OMLT project progress by end-January
  • Package-I from Dera Gujjaran, GT Road to Chauburji: 75 percent
  • Package-II from Chauburji to Ali Town: 45 percent
  • Package-III depot near Dera Gujran: 63 percent
  • Package-IV Stabling Yard near Ali Town: 59 percent

26 Jan 2017: The FBR issues a notification to grant ECC-approved Rs 20 billion exemption from taxes and duties on the import of machinery and equipment for the Lahore’s OLMT project.

21 Nov 2016: The OLMT project will not be able to meet its Dec 2017 completion deadline, a senior technical expert associated with the project told Dawn.

Work on package-II of the project has been on hold after the Punjab government cancelled the contract awarded to the Maqbool and Calson Joint Venture (MCJV) and re-tendered the project to another firm, Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB).

26 Oct: OLMT project may face substantial delays as construction has been stopped near 11 heritage sites on court orders while the contract of one of the builders for Package-2 has been revoked for sluggish performance.

The OLMT inauguration was scheduled for 25 December 2017.

More than 50 percent of ground civil works on Package-1 between Dera Gujjran and Chauburji is complete.

To find replacement contractor for remaining civil works on Package-2 between Chauburji and Ali Town, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has received seven new bids. Time for completion of remaining civil works has now been increased from 130 days to 150 days.

The Chinese contractors will start laying rail tracks and initiate electrical works on completed sections of the OLMT track from January 2017.

It may be challenging for the Chinese engineers to install rails before the deadline as construction activity has already been delayed by nearly a year.

The Metro train will run on 750 volts of electricity. Lahore Electricity Supply Company (Lesco) has started constructing new grid stations which will be up and running before the project’s completion date.

14 Oct: The Sup­reme Court appoin­ts a two-man commission of experts for re-verification of the environmental assessment reports on OLMT project of Lahore in 30 days. It will comprise TYPSA-Asian Consulting Engineers and Prof Robin Conin­gham, an expert on archaeology.

15 Sept: Work starts on manufacturing 27 automatic trains for OLMT project.

19 Aug: Lahore High Court (LHC) stops Metro train construction near 11 heritage sites. These are: Shalamar Garden, Gulabi Bagh Gateway, Buddhu ka Awa, Chauburji, Zebunnisa’s Tomb, Lakshmi Building, GPO, Aiwan-i-Auqaf, Sup­reme Court’s Lahore registry, St Andrews Presbyterian Church and Baba Mauj Darya Bukhari’s shrine. Appeal is to go to Supreme Court.

19 Aug: LHC dismisses petitions regarding environmental concerns related to OLMT.

23 Feb 2016: EXIM Bank of China is giving soft loan to the Punjab government for OLMT project, tweeted CM Sharif. The loans will be payable in 20 years.

It is for the first time that tendering took place in the govt-to-govt (G2G) mode of financing. NORINCO, the lowest bidder, quoted a cost of $2.139 billion.

The Punjab government negotiated with the contractor to bring the cost down and was able to secure a saving of more than $600 million. They settled on $1.47 billion (PKR 154 billion) as the project cost.

10 Oct 2015: PM Sharif chairs a meeting on OLMT project in Lahore as civil work starts on Multan Road and Metro route.

21 June: Civilian work on OLMT starts this week by the Punjab government. Geotagging to complete by 28 June: Nespak

14 May: The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) gives a go-ahead to the Rs165.2/$1.62 billion OLMT project, which will be funded by a $1.6 billion concessionary loan from China.

OLMT is part of 50+ CPEC projects which were signed during the visit of China’s President Xi Jingping to Pakistan.

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Feeder bus routes for the first phase. Lahore public transport route map by Punjab Metro Bus Authority. For route length, see graphic below.

The Provincial Development Working Party in Punjab approves Orange LineMetro Train (OLMT) in Lahore at the cost of Rs 165.2 billion ($1.6 billion).

A representative delegation of China Railways and Norinco International China had met Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif earlier this month and agreed on the OLMT project.

OLMT project will result in speedy, comfortable and economical transport facilities to the citizens and will revolutionise transport system.

The 27km OLMT will be completed in 22 months. 26 stations will be constructed on the route and nearly 200,000 people will commute every day.

OLMT will prove to be a milestone in mass-transit railway (MTR) transport.


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Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) Lahore Highlights:

Length: 27km

Track: 24km elevated; 2km underground

Stations: 26

Start: January 2016

Completion due: December 2017 (may delay)

Duration: 24 months

Cost (revised): Rs 154 billion (US$1.5 billion)


Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) Lahore feeder buses project. These buses will be used to get to the nearest Metro bus or Orange Line train station.

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Lahore public transport routes for feeder buses

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