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I had the opportunity to attend an aviation seminar today. The venue was PAF Museum in Karachi and the occasion: 32nd anniversary of Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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I usually decline such events. But made an exception for two reasons:

One, CAA was a client and I had delivered a five-day course on Aviation Leadership at their residential training facility in Hyderabad a few times during last two years to batches of high-capability and ambitious new hires, who boasted of being appointed on merit and merit alone.

Two, I was an aviation enthusiast. Particularly the shape of future of travel. So, quite keen on a flying car made by Kamra (although they may not listen to me.)

Shujaat Azeem & Ishratul Ibad1

The speaker lineup too was impressive: bigwigs from CAA, PIA, Air Blue, Suparco, Kamra. Loved their sharp speeches. They had considerable clarity on what lay in future.

There was a drone too to amuse me and the 300 elite present in the well-decorated hall.

Also, present were Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad and Aviation Minister Capt Shujaat Azeem for ceremonial photo-ops, and a bit of talking points.

drone CAA Pakistan

Minister Shujaat Azeem, familiar with my blogging and social media causes, asked me to come out of my ‘retirement ploy’ and support him in the work he was doing in Aviation Division.

His direct request: be my media advisor. Tell me what needs to change at CAA, PIA, ASF, Met Office. And then let people know when we do that.

His challenge: Since he wants my assistance as of yesterday, and the hiring procedures in public sector may not allow that to happen for months, can I do it pro bono? No salary, no free PIA flights. No plush office, no Green-plated car. Perhaps not even a visiting card.

caa 32nd cake Shujaat Azeem1

To up his sales pitch, he said: he too is functioning without any government salary or privileges and pays for his own flights, I too can do. And if he cruises Aviation Div right, in a few months or a few years’ time, the nation will have its premier institutions in much better shape. So pay or no pay, I could help.

Shujaat’s aim: zero tolerance on corruption in PIA, new aircraft, refurbished airports, cutting on losses

The assignment may take a few months until he finds a full-time media advisor, or may go on for years, i.e. if I deliver.

When in 2018 I will look back and see the repercussions of my decision today: Will I regret why I dirtied my reputation by accepting to work with a minister (ministers routinely take blame for all things bad)? Or, will I be a happy man that I helped build or rebuild a national institution?

What do you think? Shall I? Shall I not?

By Wali Zahid – Aviation enthusiast with eye on 2050

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  • Tariq4Change

    Definately a nice read! being in Aviation Industry myself, it is unfortunate to see Pakistan’s Aviation sector lagging far behind when comparing with countries like India and UAE.
    There was a time when PIA used to be one of the best Airlines of the world and gave it’s professional and material support to many of today’s successful Airlines and pilots including Emirates which started operation with PIA’s two leased aircrafts and operated it’s first flight to Karachi on October 25, 1985.
    Today Emirates has 200 plus aircrafts flying to almost 150 destination!
    Pakistan Aviation minustry must act now to show it’s seriousness by rebuilding infrastructure, get rid of corruption and better planning in order to regain passengers’ trust.

    In a nutshell, yes why not contribute to the betterment of this huge industry if you can in any way possible!.

  • Masoud Ali Khan

    Assalam O Alaikum Brother Wali,
    I think You Should…And I am sure you will not regret….

    Wish you all the best insha Allah…
    Masoud Ali Khan, FCMA

  • Tariq4Change

    Definitely a nice read Mr. Wali,
    All in all, yes! why not contribute to the betterment of this huge industry if you can in any way possible!.
    Would love to be a part of this team if required.

    Best wishes,

  • Saeed Motiwala

    I think it would be a good idea to do it. However, be prepared for roadblocks from politicians, generals, unions and other vested interests. It will be a thankless job. Chances of success are slim, keeping those roadblocks in mind.

  • Talha Ihsan

    Do it – please do it!

    You will never regret it as your intention is good. Even if in the future there are some fingers being pointed at you for being a political/bureaucratic aide – your inner-self will be satisfied and you will have this blog as a proof that there will always be people who support you!

    Do it for Pakistan – results are in ALLAH’s control alone!

    Good luck!