China Gallup Rating World Leaders Report

China’s global rating in 2015 by Gallup

14 May 2015 update: In its new Rating World Leaders Report, released today, Gallup highlights that most countries in Africa, and Pakistan and Tajikistan in Asia approve of China as the world leader.

China’s highest, 86% approval rating in the world in Gallup survey, came from Pakistan.

To download full Gallup report, click here.

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April 2015: In the Spring 2015 Pew survey on Asians’ views of each other, China gets most favourable rating from Pakistan. 82% Pakistanis had favourable view of China.

As a side, India was least favourable with only 16% Pakistanis favouring it.

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China’s global rating in 2015 by Pew

Full Pew survey of global rating for China in 2015 below:


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China’s global rating in 2014 by Pew

In 2014, 78% Pakistanis gave China favourable rating. Which is 4-point less than the 2015 figure, but still the highest in 2014 country list.

Full Pew survey of global rating for China in 2014 below:


Is China’s growing economy a good thing or a bad thing? Pew 2014

The most enthusiasm for China’s economic growth comes from Bangladesh. 70% Bangladeshis see China’s growing economy as a good thing. This is followed by 62% Pakistanis favouring China’s economy.

In 2015, China announced to invest $46 billion in a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and in 2016, President Xi of China announced $40 billion worth of investments in Bangladesh.


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Pakistanis with favourable view of China: 2005-2015

If we take all years Pew measured percent of Pakistanis having favourable view of China, China has received favourable rating from over 70% in these 10 years. The highest rating has been 85% in 2010 and 2012. It went down to 78% in 2014 before bouncing to higher rating again in 2015 (82%).

In 2016 Pew survey, Pakistan was not included.



October 2016: In the 2016 Pew survey on favourable view of China, Greece, Netherlands in Europe and Australia and Canada stood top.

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