Pakistanis and Indians are now eligible to apply for Bahrain eVisas as Bahrain implements new visa policy from October 2014. All eligible countries are listed in this official link.

The new policy allows citizens from 102 countries – including India and Pakistan – to apply for eVisas (total 36 countries) or receive visas on arrival (total 66 countries) in Bahrain.

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You can check your eligibility for a Bahrain visa, apply online for an eVisa and check the status of an eVisa application on Bahrain eVisa System website [].

Bahrain eVisa System


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The new visa policy, which was initially expected to be implemented from January 2015, is implemented ahead of time aimed to ease the travel process for expatriates travelling to and from Bahrain.

The new policy allows visitors to stay in Bahrain for a longer period of time, with the ability to renew new visas for up to three months from the initial month long validity, Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) said. Multiple entry visas will also be issued.

Bahrain’s economy has been recovering steadily. It attracted around $114 million of foreign direct investment in 2013, up 12 per cent from 2012, according to EDB.

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