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I have had the pleasure, in fact an honour, of working for top-tier organizations in whatever field I have worked in so far. With Banks like UBL and HSBC and with FMCGs like Unilever, Shan Foods and National Foods on my portfolio, I have grown as a person and professional immensely.

The credit however does not go to me or to these organizations only. I believe that true professional growth has three must-have ingredients. The Organizations, Thy Self and the mentors / coaches / line managers that you work with.

Luck has been on my side when it comes to great bosses, coaches and mentors.

Wali Zahid is one of those mentors who completely changed the way I used to look at the Training and Development Industry.

This turning point came in January last year when I attended his trademark Train The Trainer Program at Sheraton. Those three days shook a lot of those firm beliefs (outdated beliefs I must say) that I used to carry regarding T&D and enabled me to think out of the box, in a futuristic way about the Training and Development Function.

I came across a lot of very useful insights about the changing trends of this industry around the globe and I found out that if not for this program, I would have been outdated too soon.

I have since then tried to stay in touch with him in whatever ways possible to learn more out of his experiences and futuristic vision and I believe that a lot of things that I am doing today, or thinking about doing tomorrow, has his influence.

To sum it up, this program has paved new horizons for me.

Thinking differently and innovatively is the call of the hour and specifically in the Training and Development Industry, if you do not keep pace with the rapidly changing trends, you are going to end up in a fix very soon.

I hope that I will be able to utilize this experience and transform myself into an even better Trainer some day!

Thank You Wali Zahid – Thank You Very Much!

Furqan Masood

Furqan Masood Safavi has worked in HR for over 7 years with the likes of UBL, HSBC, National Foods and Unilever. He is currently heading the Sales Capability Function at Shan Foods.

He has been guest-speaking at universities in Karachi:

• IoBM (CBM)
• Bahria University
• Iqra University
• Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

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