After retirement from active employment nearly a decade ago, I have been an active social media user. I manage several pages for the causes that are close to my heart, like medical education and practice reform, social reform, future and technology-orientation.

I am also a social media analyst and a strategist. I pick trends from what appears in my newsfeed at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

I work for no one. That makes me enormously fortunate individual that I don’t need to take a certain line. Quite rare in this country!

I am pro-development and anti-disruption. Hence, development news like this find space on my blog. And disruptive people like TUQ get their share of satire.

In my earlier posts on this blog, I have highlighted the way the country is slowly inching towards progress, particularly in infrastructure development. I also highlight similar developments elsewhere in the neighbouring countries – Turkey, Indonesia, India, China, BRICS.

Since Nawaz Sharif is currently the Prime Minister at Centre and his brother Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister in Punjab, people mistake my highlights as support for them. Although I have shared the stage with CM Shahbaz Sharif at a CEO Summit, Sharif Brothers do not know me so far. May be they or their media minister will come to know me after this post. With a chance that I may earn their spite or anger and my entry to hometown Lahore is banned.

Whenever I post something that may appear to be favourable to current government of Nawaz Sharif, a whole lot on my Facebook and LinkedIn jumps to trash him. Not a single voice in my 4,000-Facebook and 10,000-LinkedIn followers in favour of him. My newsfeed is filled with anti-Nawaz Sharif images and statements, mostly photoshopped.

Several of you have asked what I get on my timeline.

fb nonsense

Here are a few images from the month of July, which incidentally was also the month of Ramadan.

I did not make an effort to find these images. These landed on my Facebook timelines from my alumni and contacts. My alumni are educated, mostly with MBA, engineering or accounting degrees, corporate executives and generally belong to well-off, upper-middle class.

Since these shortlisted images number 50, I am publishing them in five parts, below.


Social media love for Nawaz Sharif – Part 2

Social media love for Nawaz Sharif – Part 3

Social media love for Nawaz Sharif – Part 4

Social media love for Nawaz Sharif – Part 5

Social media love for Nawaz Sharif – Part 6

Social media love for Nawaz Sharif – Part 7

Social media love for Nawaz Sharif – Part 8


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On social media:

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Are we victims of vacuous gazes?

Hungry for spice?

On Pakistan:

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Messed-up Pakistan Series – Curse 3: monopoly

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How future oriented are we?

  • shahzad khan

    we do not want to support criminal leaders who are keeping their own wealth abroad, running family limited party. a book has been written regarding their corruption. they are in govt for last 30 years they are responsible for pakistan failure. we need an honest Leader and no doubt Imran Khan is an honest person.