Shanghai Central Tower world’s second tallest building at 2,037ft

Three sisters

The Shanghai Central Tower (top right) is already China’s tallest tower. But its position was cemented today as the last part of its roof was secured, bringing it to its full height of 2,073ft.

Under construction for nearly six years (see picture below), at a cost of $4.2billion, the Shanghai Central Tower completes a triad of skyscrapers that now loom over the horizon of the world’s most populous city.

Over its 121-storeys the building will include offices, shops, public spaces and a 320-room Four Season Hotel that will be the highest in the world, UK’s Daily Mail reports.

Shanghai Central Tower

Its completion will further the Chinese government’s ambition to make a global financial centre in Shanghai, which is already the world’s busiest container port and the gateway to China’s heavy industries.

At its topping out ceremony last year, principal architect Jun Xia said the Central Tower (top right above) and its sisters, the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Centre, (top picture above) ‘will serve as a stunning representation of our past, our present and China’s boundless future.’


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