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Makkah: A new law in Saudi Arabia bans men from marrying Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chadian and Burmese women, while it sets new restrictions on marrying Moroccan women.

According to the Saudi Makkah daily, any Saudi man who wishes to marry a Moroccan woman has to prove that her profile is free of any crimes and serious diseases, and that she is not a drug addict.

Even though a Moroccan woman’s profile meets all the requirements, in order to be able to marry an already married Saudi man, he must obtain formal approval from his first wife.


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In addition, an applicant who is already married to a Saudi woman must attach a medical report on the status of his wife, confirming that she is sick, disabled, or cannot give birth.

“Saudis will not be able to marry citizens of four nationalities,” Chad, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Burma.

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The director of the Makkah police, Major General Assaaf Al Quraishi said that requests for marriage from outside Saudi Arabia are made through official procedures under very strict conditions. Among those restrictions, the age gap between the couple must not exceed 25 years.

To marry from outside the Kingdom or the GCC, Saudis must submit an application to a government committee and wait for the approval or rejection, which could take quite a long time.

Sources: BBC Urdu |  Makkah Daily |

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  • Obaid Khan

    The news does not specify why restriction has been imposed on the nationals of those countries in particular. However, the requirement of an application and the other prerequisites are mentioned in the news clipping for marrying foreign nationals.

  • Arshad khan

    It’s the zionist cousins of Saudi royals who are getting increasing worried if Pakistanis and Bangladeshis get more control and start influencing Arabia.
    This police Chieko Assaf quareishi is a mossad, as a significantly large population of Jews still live in countries like Yemen, Syria, UAE, Egypt. They have crept into oil rich countries like Saudi and Qatar and controlling the gov and its policies. They look just like any other Arabs, have Muslims names and obviously infiltrated the Arab and Muslim world .

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