Salman Ahmad injured

You might have seen theses images of PTI’s poster boy and Sufi singer Salman Ahmad.

Salman Ahmad Imran Khan

Salman with PTI chief Imran Khan at his Zaman Park Lahore home, caring for the injured of Gujranwala incident, him at Azadi march Islamabad and with other singers.

Salman Ahmad march

Certainly a morale-builder, role model and an icon for young PTI workers who loved to be called Junoonis.

Salman Ahmad

During Saturday night, you might have also heard PTI chief Imran Khan emphasising on our own culture and asking Junoonis not to get influenced by the Western culture. Tweets below:

Zahid on khan

And an apt comment:

mosharraf on khan

Good so far!

But you might not have seen this video clip where Sufi singer Salman Ahmad defines Islam as a sexy religion.

One wonders: Are we using youth icons who are redefining everything?

The clip is from a 2005 BBC documentary titled It’s My Country Too: Muslim Americans, aired on strand This World.


  • Jay

    Didn’t he just quote her?

  • Asif Luqman Qazi

    In one of his lectures about Islam, Prince Charles once said that the Western Society has lost the “sense of the sacred”. Meaning a respect for things divine. He said that the West can learn it from Islam and regain this sense among themselves. Alas, Muslims are themselves losing it and taking pride in it.