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23 years after I was the Editor of The News in Lahore, I received a call from Pakistan’s largest-selling English-language daily newspaper to write an article on the Pakistan of future for Pakistan’s 67th Independence Day. Screen shot above.

My article does not mince words about the future: Contrary to the shaken beliefs of whoever you meet on the road and as the headline suggests, it’s solid, it’s perfect, in sha Allah.

It’s also significant that the article appears on the day when forces of disruption and some vultures want to derail democracy and a government in Islamabad is finding it difficult to manage them adequately – politically and administratively.

In spite of what the firces on either side of the aisle do, Pakistan is going to come out stronger – economically, socially, in sha Allah. In 2050, it is going to be one of the top 20 economies in the world.

You can read this article today on The News epaper. Or, wait for tomorrow when I upload the [UPDATED] text-version of this article.

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  • Faraz Mir

    Great !!

  • Shahnaz Farooq

    Thanks for building up the hopes of our nation in the present times of unstability and disruption……

  • Abrar Baig

    Thanks for Good +ve image of Pakistan and Govt.

  • Naveed Ahmad

    Surely, this is ever positive Wali Zahid with is deep belief in Pakistan and it enormous human and material assets. Want to see more of your writings.

  • Saeed Wattoo

    It encompasses the challenges and opportunities. It objectively surveys the state of our present and shows what lies in store.

    The lamentation of myopia of leadership notwithstanding, the optimism is a welcome break from the skepticism that seems to be a curse set in genes.