rape shoot

As if rapes in India were not enough to shame the rapists, there’s a rape fashion shoot that is causing outrage and anger in India and the world today. BBC reports this:

An Indian fashion shoot showing a woman being groped on a bus has caused anger, with social media users saying it glamorises the 2012 Delhi gang rape.

Photographer Raj Shetye’s images show a model fighting off men on a bus, in a scene reminiscent of the rape and murder that shocked India.

Many social media users said they found the photos “disgusting” and “horrible”.

Mr Shetye said the shoot was “just a depiction of the situation of women in our country” and not based on the rape.

The photos were taken down from the Behance site after angry reactions on Twitter and Facebook.

See BBC report here.


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  • Rehmat Ullah Kundi

    Most of the crimes in our society are direct result of violent and sexual contents of movies. Now fashion industry is riding the bandwagon of cheap publicity. Some commercials in our own TV are also not compatible with values in in our society. There must some kind of code of conduct for TV commercials also.

  • Farah Qureshi

    Serving to their own slow sure shot destruction. Ameen

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