2014 FIFA World Cup Football Final Argentina v Germany Jul 13th

This news caught my attention for two reasons: How a coach can invoke performance by using his words. And how a long-term readiness for winning is critical!

1. The coach talk

Germany coach Joachim Low telling to Mario Gotze: “Show the world you’re better than Lionel Messi”.

And it worked! Isn’t this amazing?

The 22-year Mario Gotze’s ears heard these words when he was substituted on against Argentina in extra time. Gotze scored the only game-winning goal seven minutes before the end of game in the FIFA World Cup 2014 Final in Brazil.

Not to say that coach motivation or his words were the only thing that caused Germany to win. There were 10,000’s of hours of preparation by each team member. I cover this in my readiness matrix.

Moral: Coach or leader talk could be a game-changer! Use your words wisely!

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Joachim Low told Mario Gotze

2. 10-year project

If you see the headline above, Germany coach Low said victory in Brazil was the result of a 10-year project. In Euro 2004, Germany were knocked out at the group stage without winning a game.

Now as a nation looking for short cuts, instant gratification and quick wins, 10 years is a very long shot for us Pakistanis.

It doesn’t need to be! Coming back in game and readying for winning is always a long shot. Always!

Moral: We Pakistanis need to start looking at a 10-year horizon in all aspects of life: sports, education, economy, infrastructure, foreign policy, enterprise building, Pakistani visioning. Or even better: A #Pakistan2050 hashtag!

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