Today, this blog crossed 50,000 views in five months. Visitors came from all over the world. A jokingly small number! But that’s a lot to us. Because the visitors are not random! They are important people. Like you!

Without any advertising, external support, link exchange, or SEO, people whose opinions mattered visited our stories, guest posts. Our most visitors are my alumni – executives, managers, trainers, teachers, coachees, mentees, men and women of calibre. They read, commented, guided, critiqued. Ministers, civil servants and barristers contributed. And that made this blog unique!


So, what’s the vision for next 50,000 views?

If it’s significant for Pakistan, it should be on this blog!

We want this blog to be a one-stop shop for any reformer – in opposition or in government, in private sector, in education, in policy-making – and anyone who has an eye on the future and is willing to invest time and energy in making Pakistan a livable place.

We will try to create blueprints of reform and way forward in a select areas, so if you are appointed to a position of significance, you have a readymade path carved for you.

What would you want to see covered in this blog? 

We will aim to add a crop of writers – people with courage, integrity, capability and speed – four things which are evaporating from the country fast as more and more threats come to citizens who can think, write and speak. We will as long as we live. Insha Allah.

We will continue to provide glimpses of future, learning, leadership and technology through our Facebook page of Skill City. We will keep guiding you to issues of justice, parenting and political reform through Facebook page of Tehreek-e-Adl.

You will also get updates on our global reform movement for medical education and practice through Facebook page of #HumanizeMedical, and its dedicated website.

A small thank-you to Ali Zahid of designplox.com for helping us get started. And to Barrister Ameer Abbas Khan for becoming the first regular contributor from London.

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