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In line with looking for meaningful reforms left and right, I stumbled upon this story today by The Economic Times (ET) India.

Called A Prime Minister’s soliloquy, ET Bureau’s SAUBHIK CHAKRABARTI, writes:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is famously a bit of a loner. He’s also known to be man obsessed with details, results and processes. And astute politician that he is, Mr Modi knows that given the dramatic political context of his electoral victory, his first term is under severe scrutiny.

Given all this, might it not be logical to assume the PM is fond of soliloquizing? Soliloquy, as we know, is the habit of speaking one’s thoughts aloud. Soliloquies can be excellent de-stressing tools for smart, driven loners with huge job responsibilities.

And then the SOLILOQUY starts. You can see the full text here.

What is pertinent is that even though the steps in the Small Change, Big Impact inforgraphic above are small and may not look good on the first 100 days of Modi speech, they are far-reaching.

Some of these things that the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif may consider doing in Pakistan too!

To a question if this reform is significant, our reader, a civil servant, Saeed Wattoo, says:

“It is, sir. To me the most significant is the most trivial of these steps. That is ‘putting’ trust in people. Giving them the right to attest their documents. Notaries are out. This step is something that lifts the morale of the nation. It is complete paradigm change. If you trust people, your systems/procedures are non-intrusive and facilitative. If you don’t, these are labyrinthine and oppressive.”

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  • Rehmat Ullah Kundi

    These are not small steps. These things actually makes the difference between third world and a developed nation. There are many people who would to do things the right way but red tapism comes in their way and they simply can not continue with their dreams.

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