35 most powerful military powers in the world

2016 update: In the 2016 ranking, Pakistan military is now at No 13 in the world. Check here: Comparing the Pakistan & Afghanistan military power

Pakistan’s military is ranked as the 15th most powerful military in the world, according to an infographic published in Business Insider, above.

For a simpler evaluation of military power, Business Insider has turned to the Global Firepower Index, a ranking of 106 nations based on more than 50 factors including overall military budget, available manpower and the amount of equipment each country has in its respective arsenal, as well as access to resources.

The index focuses on quantity, ignoring significant quantitative differences.

Business Insider has created the above chart to compare the top 35 militaries according to the Global Firepower Index.

The ranking, released in April, involves a complex set of data that is subject to ongoing adjustments and corrections.

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Pakistan is world’s third largest arms importer.

We are adding another chart by The Economist about international arms sale, below.

Our over half of imports come from the US, over one fourth from China, and a smaller quantity from Sweden.

arms importer exporter

US defence budget

Above: Meanwhile, the US defence budget is larger than the next 12 largest military budgets on Earth — combined!

Pakistan: The brighter side:

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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects pick up pace

$46B China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: 15 years, 3 routes, 51 projects

$7.6B 1,800km TAPI gas pipeline to be operational in 2018

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Pakistan is enjoying a rare period of optimism: The Economist

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Pakistan 6th most populous country now and in 2050

A random 5 June 2015 update: 

4 June: UK cuts defence by 1.5% for 2015

5 June: Pakistan increases defence budget by 11% to Rs 781B for 2015-16

UK cuts Pakistan increases defence

An interesting aside is decreasing number of UK’s armed forces, below, which we shared on our Facebook pages when they were first released by MoD.

Britain's armed forces

Sources: SIPRI. The Economist, MoD UK, Business Insider

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91% Pakistanis have access to drinking water: Unicef/WHO

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By Wali Zahid

Wali failed to finish his PhD in international conflict analysis from University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.

As part of his study fellowships, he went to Canada’s Pearson Peacekeeping Center, American University Washington DC’s Summer School in Conflict & Peace, ASPR Austria’s Peace-building Summer program and GIIS’s  Program in International Security in Geneva, Switzerland and UK’s Reading University’s Humanitarian Intervention Conference.

He has participated in international conferences along side specialists from SIPRI, which produced the above data.

While he worked as a journalist, Wali had the opportunity to visit Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest battleground, and forward posts along the Line of Control (LOC) on Pakistan-India border.

He also had the opportunity to visit Pakistan Ordnance Factory, Rebuild Factory, PAF Kamra Base.

As a leadership thinker, Wali has spoken on military leadership at Pakistan Naval Academy, Karachi.

His recent piece:Wali on The Pakistan 2050 Opportunity

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