Guest post by Barrister Ameer Abbas Khan

This is in response to Wali Zahid’s post, What do our educated read online?

Khuda nay aaj tak us qaum ki halat nahi badli
Na ho jis ko khayal aap apni halat kay badalnay ka”

Not only that the educated class of Pakistan but also the majority of so-called ‘illiterate people’ would have heard this Allama Iqbal’s couplet and almost everyone would agree with the message contained in it.

However, the recent survey of Dawn shows that an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis express more interest in some Bollywood or other spiced-up news as opposed to some extremely important events and developments happening in Pakistan.

Such a trend clearly shows that we have merely learnt this couplet by rote and are not practicing it at all.

For example, no one can dispute the significance of Zarb-e-Azb operation and its implications for the whole of Pakistan and yet the day it started people were more interested in some news about Salman Khan having a go at some media person.

What does this show of our mentality as a nation? It appears that we have become so selfish and apathetic that it doesn’t really matter what’s happening around us or how much our brothers-in-Islam and fellow countrymen are suffering.

Despite such an indifferent attitude, we still see ourselves as a victim of the system and are not willing to accept that all the miseries we are facing today is because of our callous approach towards issues at hands.

We conveniently put blame on others, like the king’s style of Nawaz Sharif or incompetent governance of Zardari or the intervention of army or the influence of America, for all the problems that Pakistan is facing today.

And we don’t even realize that such sort of approach is not progressive at all and instead it is the major characteristic of the hopeless people who simply criticize others and are doing themselves nothing to make their future better.

We also never try to appreciate that in fact it’s the people who elect government and therefore when they are criticizing about corrupt leaders they are in a way criticizing themselves. And how can we expect to comprehend it when we don’t put much effort into actually understanding the critical and pertinent issues and instead are more attentive and responsive to the fashion and ‘filmi’ world?

And that’s the reason most of our current affairs programmes are ‘filmi’ in nature missing the qualitative, analytic and critical analysis for which we turn to foreign media.

For all of this, whether we like it or not, no one is to be blamed except ourselves; and knowing it very well that “leaders are the reflection of their own people”, we cannot expect our society to be changed until we change ourselves and try to learn and focus on real issues affecting the society at large.

An Abdalian and Aitchisonian, Barrister Ameer Abbas Ali Khan, is a Solicitor-Advocate (UK), Advocte High Court. He has LLB (Hons) UK, LLM (LSE), Bar-at-Law from Lincoln Inn, and lives in London. His father has been an MP in Pakistan over several decades. Ameer regularly writes for

  • Rehmat Ullah Kundi

    You are very right. The indifferent attitude of many people (whether educate or not) is the main source of all our problems. People always complain and blame politicians and government for all their woes but when the time comes for them to play their part (at the time of elections for example), they change their priorities and everyone looks for personal gains like employment, lucrative government contracts and other easy money making ventures.

    No one cares about community. People from Rural areas are more infected with this menace. Watan card and Banazir Income support has promoted beggary in rural areas.

    Imran Khan has also played a very negative role in polluting young minds. I have this thing to say about his politics. I can sum up the entire political career of Imran Khan in few sentences.

    Imran Khan became household name after winning world cup. He was so popular that when he announced SKMH project, people from all walks of life welcomed him and showered their life savings on him. Young children donated their pocket money for the good cause. Seeing the immense popularity of Imran Khan some people (they could not be his well wishers) pushed him in to the dark alley of politics.

    Unfamiliar with uncharted waters of politics, he resorted to allegations, abuses and slanders and these characteristics later became hallmark of his politics. He made a few very strategic mistakes in early political career that drastically limited his options in political jungle. Quarrel with Chaudaris and MQM and his alignment with Mush badly tarnished his political image.

    The rest is history.