25 May 2018 update: Homicides in Karachi have dropped from 2,507 murders in 2013 to 365 in 2017. That’s an 85 percent drop in a city that once had the highest homicide rate among the world’s megacities (10+ million people). Source: CPLC. Tweet by Asad Hashim, Al-Jazeera English.

No murder in Karachi today

20 June 2015 update: HRCP: While the city has seen a 32 percent decline in killings in the first five months of this year as compared to the corresponding period from 2014, more people are now dying at the hands of the law enforcement agencies than by target killers in Karachi.

These findings were revealed in a report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). According to the five-monthly report, 255 people have been killed in encounters by the law enforcement agencies from January to May 2015. Of these, 217 were killed in police encounters while the remaining 38 in paramilitary encounters.

A total of 876 people were killed in Karachi from January to May 2015. Last year, the number was 1,286 during the same period. via Express Tribune

16 April 2015 update: Killings in Karachi in Jan-March 2015 have witnessed a 33.5 percent decline as compared to last year. 532 people were killed in incidents of violence. In 2014 same period, 800 people had been killed. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) via Express Tribune

7 January 2015 update: As many as 2,909 people, including women, children, suspects and law-enforcers, were killed in Karachi in 2014. HRCP via Dawn

karachi killers

Nearly 1,700 people were killed in Karachi in 300 days since the targeted operation started in September 2013.

Out of these, 719 became victims to target killing.

This is two-thirds of the deaths in the same period before the targeted operation (about 2,500).

BBC Urdu reported quoting a briefing by the city police. The street crime, however, increased during this period.

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