25 Dec 2016: While reviewing the progress at Governor’s House, Karachi, President Mamnoon Hussain said the Green Line project will be completed by the end of 2017. It will benefit 400,000 city commuters on a daily basis.

27 November: To clear the track for under-construction Green Line BRT, the two-way Nazimabad No 7 flyover will be demolished in two phases, starting today.

The side coming from Hyderi to Gulbahar will be demolished in first phase and the flyover coming from Nazimabad to Board Office will be demolished in the next phase.

The demolition of two flyovers will take a month.

An alternate road has been constructed for commuters although they are likely to face serious difficulty during this period.

February 2o017: Karachi Green Line bus project: Hyderi station under construction

6 October: Revised cost of Green Line BRT is Rs 24.6 billion

The revised cost of Green Line BRT will include Rs 6.5 billion additional funds – now approved – from federal government.

The total revised cost of Green Line BRT including utilities will now be Rs 24.6 billion.

The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) approved the revision which will go to the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (Ecnec) for final approval.

February 2o017: Green Line bus track being laid in Karachi

21 August civil works update by KIDCL:

  • Nearly one-fourth of work on Nazimabad to Guru Mandir section of the Green Line project is complete
  • 30 percent work on Nagan Chowrangi to Nazimabad portion is complete
  • Fast-paced work in progress on Surjani Town to Nagan Chowrangi section
  • Flyovers to be built at Five-Star Chowrangi, KDA Chowrangi and Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi
  • The Green Line project will complete by December 2017

4 August tree replantation update

A total of 7,321 trees will need to be removed for the construction of Green Line. 6,321 of these will be chopped down as they are Conocarpus and Eucalyptus, already banned by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. 800 trees will be relocated and 19,500 new trees will be planted.

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19 May route extension: The federal government approves extension in the route of Green Line metro bus till Merewether Tower. Initially, it was planned from Surjani Town to M A Jinnah Road (18.4km).

The route will now pass through Burns Road, Pakistan Chowk and then from Sindh Secretariat to Merewether Tower (21.7km).

The northward route from Merewether Tower goes along M A Jinnah Road towards Gurumandir, Business Recorder Road, Nawab Siddique Ali Khan Road, Shahrah-e-Shershah Suri and Shahrah-e-Usman passing by landmarks such as Numaish, Board Office and Nagan Chowrangi.


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26 February groundbreaking: PM Sharif inaugurates Karachi’s Green Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. The bus service will benefit nearly 350,000 commuters a day.

The estimated cost is Rs 16.85 billion (REVISED: Rs 24.6  billion) and funds will come from federal government.

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The now revised 21.7km Green Line has 11.7km of elevated portion and 10km on ground. It will have 25 bus stations.

An autonomous firm, Karachi Infrastructure Development Company Limited (KIDCL) has been incorporated to oversee this project.

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The Green Line Bus project aims to construct a busway, dedicated for BRT vehicles, in the median of roads along the entire route.

The bus stations will be built in the median, with ground-level and elevated sections.

Detailed map of Green Line bus Karachi. Costs, route and track length have changed.

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10 July 2014 announcement: PM Sharif announces to launch Green Line BRT for Karachi city. The federal government will provide Rs 16 billion.

The Green Line is part of the mass transit system which will replicate the model of Lahore’s Metro Bus service. Seven corridors had been identified under the Karachi Master Plan for introducing the mass transit system.

Four Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes have been planned: Green Line, Orange Line, Yellow Line and Blue Line. Green Line is the first to be constructed.


Green Line bus Karachi map. Costs, route and track length have changed.

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Green Line bus track work under way

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Green Line bus track being laid in Karachi

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