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The Gaza conflict is in its early stages. I had written a piece today on this site about Gaza situation and our reaction to it. Someone sent me this. I haven’t read this list, nor have I verified if the above ARE really Israeli companies. The Israeli barcode is 729.

israel barcode

The text messages as received:

This is the only best way to defeat Israel. Hit them in the soft corner: their economy.

Shops & Clothing:
– Starbucks
– Tesco
– M&S
– Disney Shop
– McDonalds
– Hugo Boss
– Sunglass Hut
– Giorgio Armani
– Calvin Klein
– Ralph Lauren – Playtex
– Banana Republic
– River Island
– Timberland
– Coca Cola
– Fruitopia
– Fanta
– Kia Ora
– Lilt
– Sprite
– Sunkist
– Evian
– Volvic
– Nescafé
– Nesquik – Perrier
– Vittel
Foods & Chocolates:
– Nestle
– Maggi (Noodles)
– Buitoni
– Crosse & Blackwell
– KitKat
– MilkyBar
– Quality Street
– Smarties – After Eight – Aero
– Lion
– Polo
– Felix (Cat Food)
Makeup/Perfumes & Health:
– L’Oreal
– Clinique – DKNY
– Prescriptives – Origins – La Mer
– Bobbi Brown
– Tommy (Perfume)
– Bumble & Bumble
– Kate (Cream)
– Johnson & Johnson (Baby Oil)
– Huggies
– Garnier
– Arsenal Football Club
– Time Warner Time Life Magazine
– Barbie
– Intel – Motorola
– Kotex
– The Sun
– The Times
– Australian Newspapers
– National Geographic
– Star Channels (Indian)
– Sky
– Fox
– Nokia
– Standard Newspapers
– New York Post
– The Telegraph
– Independent

boycott israel

  • Shahid Qureshi

    People wake up in the morning, brush their teeth with “Oral-B” toothbrush and “Colgate” toothpaste, shave with “Gillette”, shampoo with “Head & Shoulder”, take bath with “Palmolive” soap, drink “Nestle” juice and “Nestle” milk in the breakfast, wear “GAP” or “Levi’s” shirts and “Nike” shoes, get their car fuel from ‘Caltex”, smoke “Dunhill”, deposit money at “Citibank”, use “AMEX” credit cards, use “Nokia” phone, have lunch at “KFC” or “McDonals”, use “IBM” or “HP” laptop with “Intel Inside”, drink “Pepsi” and “Coke”, watch “CNN” news, hangout with friends at “Pizza Hut” and watch favorite “Walt Disney” movie every night and before going to sleep, they remember their “moral” responsibility and demand “BOYCOTT” for all these brands in their Facebook and Twitter posts.

    • Ammara

      Just because we have been so ignorant till now, it doesn’t mean that we continue to do so. These brands have permeated our lives to such a degree that boycotting them will naturally be a struggle, an individual and collective one. It will take time and commitment. We KNOW that thank you very much. So stop mocking people who are trying to do what they can and get to it yourself too.

    • r

      Jazakallah Khair, I agree that we raise awareness among muslims about these products. We do not yet what our purchasing power of buying each item each time can contribute to Israel Atrocities. We need to wake up. Allah has blessed us with many alternatives to these products. We can use those. We can start from as much as we can and we can share the information and ask as many of out friends as possible.

      May You be Blessed for avoiding the products which empower Israel.

    • Renee Marchiaro

      My family and i have no problem renouncing and eliminating all products that has got to do with israel at all. In fact we feel much better to know that everyday we will wake up and start our day by not contributing to murderers..

  • farah

    even Face book too 🙂

  • Rehmat Ullah Kundi

    These corporations grew to their present sizes due to acquisitions. They did not develop most of the products they own. Arabs with tons of petro dollars can do the same thing, if they want to. Iran during Shah had shares in some major European corporations.

  • Hassan

    1-Rare chances that we (Pakistanis) boycott these products.
    2-These companies are run by Pakistanis in Pakistan not by Jews.

    • Ammara

      Here’s an idea…try visualizing kids’ heads blown off by Israeli bombs and maybe that will stop you from using them. Worked for me. Kindly do a little research and read up on the franchise business model before you assume that Pakistani run franchises of these brands have nothing to do with Israel

      • naveed

        Humain boycott isreal t shirt chaiya is it possible???

    • fayaz khan

      dude !!!! plz do try to boycott dont give excuses and as per the history its been known that these r all israeli products …

  • kanwal

    me n my family will definitely boycott all these brands.

  • r

    Salaam, brothers and sisters, in this list also add any BARCODE Number starting from 7290, it is all Israel products. We are such ignorant poeple. Israel has long been encouraged people to its brands by campaigns like (Support Israel and Buy ………..) but we have not been aware.
    Now that you know May you be blessed by avoiding these products. Maybe you can start from minimal avoidance to full compliance. But only avoidance by me and you is not enough. You must have a 1000 person in your contact list or even more if you consider your other social networks. Please do share this without hesitant to all those muslims, and even caring non-muslims. People even do not know about it. I personally came to know about it just in few days. So please share as much as you can. This will be counted as a peaceful Jihad and rewarded In Sha Allah in Akhera.

  • Syed M. Taha

    Salam. Guys First of all, Nokia is no more supporting Israel its apartheid. Secondly, This is an old image try to do research by yourselves.

    • Wali Zahid

      W/Salam Taha. Please provide an updated image of company lists.

    • N

      Assalam u Alaikum
      Kindly check out the following link. It provides a summary of how each company is supporting Israel and you can find there an updated image of the company list. Over time many companies have reconsidered their support for Israel and have divested from it.

    • Syed M Yasir

      Nokia is now owned by Microsoft and they are one of the biggest donors to the Israel cause. Microsoft main research facility is in Israel. This all speaks for itself.

  • Rehmat Ullah Kundi

    Assalam Alaikum: People these days out of sheer frustration, talk about boycotting Israeli product. But very few people know if there are any Israeli products in the market. Most people will mistakenly portray Pepsi, Coke, Nestle, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever and others as Israeli companies. What they fail to understand is that most of these companies have 100 or more years history and were established long before the State of Israel came into existence. They started small but grew bigger and bigger through acquisitions. In corporate culture there is no single owner. Any one with controlling shares calls the shots. Why can’t Arab Shiekhs with tons of petro dollars do that and then run these companies the way they like. i would like your comment on this. Thanks.

    • Syed M Yasir

      Pepsi, Coke, Nestle, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever and many other big brand names.
      These are all the companies directly or indirectly owned by Israel and donates millions of dollars to the state. One can live without using their products and at the same time why cant we all promote local businesses instead of all foreign products.

  • Alislamiyaa

    Asalamu alaikum..mashaAllah great info,Aukhi..but plz can you show me full details, of issraeli social networking sittes,i think we should also boycott them,,plz show me list authentiic list off all tyype of isrraeli productts,, jazakAllah khair

  • david parker

    The barcode starting with 729 does not mean the product is made in Israel. You should stop hurting innocent businesses with your irresponsible statement.

    • Ummuhabeeba

      If Crores of Muslims boyctt israeli poisons,their petro dollars which are trget against them as modern wepons


    AOA All Muslims and pakistanis.

    I have stopped buying pepsi, coke and all those products which are showing in the list published on internet.

    I will request to all our brothers and sisters to pls boycot these products forever, this is the least jahad any one can do.

  • naseemsultana

    assalmalkm i too inshallah will boycott all these products

  • Noor

    This is a really wonderful post. We can spread more awareness by writing it out in text posts and encouraging big stores and outlets here to support this cause.

  • Salman

    These companies also offer employment opportunities to so many people within Pakistan. So should employees quit their jobs too since they are being part of process that manufactures these products? Secondly, instead of boycotting their products, why not have our own brands and products that are superior than theirs? Why not fight with them on economic front?

  • Huma Umer

    Thanks for this nice info,through which may we make a little sparow who try to finish fire in which Namrood wants to enter Hazrat Ibrahim A.s

  • sayeed sibghat ullah

    tamam muslmano se durkhast hai khud bhi amal kre ur dusro ko bhi khaI

  • Aishah

    How about KFC? now in Malaysia all focusing to boycott McD. If KFC also contributing to Israel, we must viral it too

  • Kaif khokhar

    Assalamu alaykum thank you soooo much I & my family will definetly boycott all those products who support Israel. Thanx Say no to Israel products

  • Maqsood

    How do we no this information is correct ie if they have factory’s in israiel then its obvious,if they don’t ?

    • Ali khan

      Pls install app boycott Israeli products you will better understand the Israeli products and their supporting Israeli army.shukriya and please share this information with other family members and make a chain to boycott Israel because a single person counts .qatra qatra say darya banta hay.shukriya

  • Ali khan

    Asalamo Alaykum w w
    install app boycott Israeli products to understand better the supporting companies of Israel u will be wondered to know that we have contributed a lot Israel by buying their products to kill our Muslim brothers sisters and children’s please say no to Israeli products and say yes to Islamic countries HALAL products .

  • syd 4rm USA

    Dear Forumer’s
    The US companies, the US taxpayers (all in the list) are the major donors to Israel unwillingly . Just to inform you that we have here in US a hidden tax of 4% in California in our general tax which people are not aware of. If anyone ever reads the fine print of their IRS tax summary it is mentioned in sub para 2 of IRS tax statement that 4% has to paid in benefit of the US allies and concessionaires meaning ISRAEL. In lie of these facts when you buy any item by these companies to are paying money fro the bullets and bombs which will eventually kill Muslims somewhere in the world. Make your own decision. The Nations who do not keep there horses ready should get ready for the doom.

  • Awais Ali

    Asslam o Allakum; InshAllah we do,
    First of all we need to start from our Homes then village as a brother said above in his comment……Qatre Qatre sy darya bnta hai

  • sajida

    Is pepsi part of the products that needs to be boycotted


  • Faraz ALI

    how does Giorgio armani is the part of Israeli product?

  • Nimra Jawaid

    I just want to ask is Nokia also a supporter of Israel?

  • L

    why boycott KFC?
    Can anyone provide references with links

  • Mojibur rahman

    Assalaamualaikum Brothers &Sisters
    Thank you sooo much
    I & my family will definetly boycott
    all those product WHO support ISRAEL
    Then say no to ISRAEL product

    Tamaam musalmanu se darkhwast hai
    keh khud aamal kare & dosruu ko v kahee

    ISRALLI product ko boycott kare

  • qamar mahmood

    I & my family will definetly boycott
    all those product WHO support ISRAEL
    Then say no to ISRAEL product
    and i want all muslims boycott israel thinks

  • gazawi

    le jihad ce nes pas que la guerre ces faire tout son possble
    pour une cause …..

  • samar

    thanku soo much for such an information

  • vinsin

    Polio vaccine should also be banned and also contraceptive.

  • …..

    Assalamu Alaikum.

    Ive known about this whole boycott thing for a while now but i still haven’t informed my parents about it because they will argue that i’m a extremist & that i shouldn’t belive this stuff! I don’t know how to inform them? They keep buying israeli products but i don’t have the gut to tell them! What should i do?!

  • muddassir shahnawaz

    Thanks for the info

  • muddassir shahnawaz

    almost all the products are the things we use

  • sameera

    Salam is kfc a product tat shud b boycotted

  • Zahra

    Assalam Alaiykom,
    First of all, thank you for the info you have displayed to raise awareness for boycotting pro Israel products. Second, would you kindly provide me with more info regarding unilever products, KFC, Subway, Taco bell and Pizzahut, if they are also pro Israel. I would be very grateful if you do… thank you.
    May Allah reward you for the effort and sharing the info.

  • Ataurrahman

    Assalam alaikum,
    Most of the peoples think it’s difficult to do boycott ( for Israel products ) as lots of things we use in our daily life. But there are other Brands ( non Israel ) also available which can be used to full fill our needs.
    Only we’ve to sacrifice our selves to adjust for new brands.

    May Allah lead us to the path of success and prosperity.

  • jan

    Hey thanks for publishing this piece. I was looking for products I could buy in support of Israel. Israel WILL survive. You can NOT reverse God’s blessing on the Jewish people. And, hey, they employ MANY Arabic citizens in their manufacturing. I love the Jews!! 🙂

  • jan

    If you want to hold a grudge against anyone, consider your brother Esau. He sold his birthright for a bowl of chili. Therefore, disrespecting his father’s blessing and passing the blessing to Jacob. Israel STILL carries that blessing. I love the Jews! 🙂 <3

  • asad

    sir united color of benetton clothing brand is a isreal product

  • Jack Habibi

    DOnt forget to buy computers that do not have INtel chips and cell phones that do not use ISraeli invented communication technology… as for most of the other things, they are not ISraeli companies but world wide conglomerates that own everything. You can’t bake a loaf or bread at home with out being influenced by one of the above.
    Good luck.

  • محمد رضى

    Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmathullaahi Wabarakaathuhu. Is pizza hut a Zionist company or does it contribute to IsraHell?



  • Céline

    It’s hard really hard to boycott “especially the we raised on” maybe it works stop buying those brands gradually not at once. Now we are more aware so I’m trying to avoid as much as possible also it’s good that some or lots of bands are replaceable nowadays.
    It’s unbelievable how the old generation wasn’t aware about it especially nestlé I was raised on drinking nido and lion bars etc.
    Some brands of what I knew aren’t mentioned here like l’oreal bought in 80’s the body shop, also it owns about 32 brands like lancôm and vichy.
    Craft as I remember is one of mondelez products which has more brands too like milka chocolate.
    God help us to avoid as much as possible zionist’s products.

  • F

    I have started to boycott quite a number of products associated with Israel for almost a year or two now. The most common ones are food item like Maggi (we got substitutes like Cintan, Mamee n so on in Malaysia), Pepsi, shop at other supermarkets (stop going to Tesco) and after this i will try to avoid going to Caltex. It is all about mentality, surely we can do it if we strive for it. I just try to do my part by boycotting the country who claims that Palestinian children are devils and kill them as if they are ragged dolls. Thanks for sharing the article and hopefully more people will have the awareness and stop supporting this new type of apartheid, and stop contributing to murderers.

    To world peace.

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